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Weekly Accomplishments - April 29th

I know it is strange to begin the week with our accomplishments but after a hectic weekend I realized I never wrote down what we did last week!  My plan is to print each of these weekly wrap ups and put them in a section at the end of each girl’s portfolio as a summary of our year so it is very important (for me) that I keep up with this.  So here we go for last week.....
Math - Lilah is spending time using online games to focus on learning her multiplication tables.  Testing her through weekly quizzes will not work for Lilah like they did for Grace (who was in school at the time).  So we talk every time an opportunity comes up and I give her “pop quizzes” throughout the day.  She is doing well on 0-5.  This week we will work on the 6 and 7s.  Because she is taking time away from Aleks to work on this, I am going to go back to her Singapore daily words problem book to supplement her daily work.  Grace is moving ahead in Aleks and spent the week working on positive and negative integers and continues her study of geometry with finding the area of shapes that include two rectangular shapes.  She is 60% done with level 5.  Because we started level 5 in January, we will work through the summer so that both girls will start their new level in September.
Reading - We realized that Lilah left her Percy Jackson book in Chicago so she switched over to Piper Reed.  She is almost done with it and then will pick up where she left off with Sea of Monsters.  We finished listening to Loser on audiobook for Grace’s book club.  The girls enjoyed it much more than I thought they would.  We are going to listen to her next book club choice Graveyard Book on audiobook.  Even though we started to read it aloud, we just don’t give it the time it deserves and we love our audiobooks so much it makes sense for it to be our next.  Grace is also finishing up Frindle and is half-way through Julia Gillian.  I love that both of my girls are able to juggle multiple books at once.  This is something that I have never been able to do.  I am a one book at a time reader and found it challenging in high school to read multiple novels for multiple classes.  I found during this time I read very little for pleasure.  College too.....being forced to read something takes time away from reading what you want to read.  Right now I am pleased that my girls are making good book choices, from various genres and we are able to discuss things like antagonist/protagonist, character development, plot development, etc through their book selections.  
I am reading Green for Life.  I just started it but I am so completely dedicated to cutting out as much sugar as possible and the green smoothie is helping me to do this.  Like my friend told me would happen, my desire for sugar is greatly diminished.  I did have ice cream for dessert when Greg and I went out for our anniversary this weekend but could not finish it.  This amazed me.  Me not finish a small ice cream?  I don’t think this has EVER happened before.  Then Sunday I was able to pass on decadent chocolate cake at my nephew’s christening celebration.  Huh?  Magic?  I think not.  Green smoothie!
I am also trying my first recipe from Babycake with Lilah - Pumpkin muffins.  These are such a staple in my home.  The thought of making them vegan and sugar free
 is thrilling!
Botany/Science - We finished reading chapter 5: Fruits.  Every time we cut up fruits or veggies we had to stop and identify each.  We took a botany walk around our neighborhood and have enjoyed watching our bean plant produce Lima beans!
Grace attended a currclick class: Wicked Weather that was held at the same time as the devastating southern tornadoes.  It gave us a whole new appreciation for mother nature.  
History - We read chapter 29: Roman’s War with Carthage and chapter 30: The Mauryan Empire of India.  The girls emailed their Uncle to ask if he could provide any additional information on Hannibal from his war studies at Quantico.  He sent us over a link to a website we were unfamiliar with:  This site will be a great reference tool for us!  Thanks Uncle Paul!!  We are listening to contemporary Bollywood music on Pandora and I love the infectious rhythms!  I discovered a neighborhood in New York called Little India and the girls and I are thinking of making a trip there soon.  Rather than do our multiple choice quizzes this week, the girls wrote to me in their journals about what they had learned.  Lilah focused solely on Hannibal while Grace used the format of the 5 paragraph essay.
Out and About - The girls enjoyed their pottery class coming fresh off their botany walk.  I love that all of our work is interconnected.  I already have visions of using Grace’s leaf print as a trivet on my stove!   Grace is working on new songs in her piano lessons.  Our home is filled with music!  Which reminds me I have to call the tuner.......  We swam with 20 other children at the YMCA on Thursday.    Friday we took a journey north to check out a homeschool art show.  My girls displayed their pottery. The audience traveled from table to table appreciating the art work on display and leaving comments and words of encouragement for the artists.  I am determined to organize something like this in our area as soon as possible and have some ideas going ‘round in my head.........


Theresa said...

I completely relate to being a one book at a time reader. I get very confused reading multiple books and I, too, was unable to read for pleasure in high school and college. Which is one reason I've been hesitant to go to grad school! ha! P can read multiple books as well. I kind of think that if you start out that way as a child, you develop that ability. Maybe?

Jessica said...

I have always wondered is something you learn or just your preference????

karisma said...

Sounds like a very productive week. I agree that keeping a record each week is really important. I have been quite remiss with this lately and find myself forgetting what the kids have done. I used to be very particular about keeping a diary of records but often lately forget to write in it as we are so busy. Thats why I started writing bits and pieces on my blog so at least I would have something to show.

I have never had a problem with reading a gazillion books at once. I love books! Mind you if I get my hands on a good novel I will read it front to back without putting it down if I can. :-)

Karen said...

I can only read one book at a time too! I always wondered how people did that. And I am an avid reader. Kei is still not really a reader so I don't know what she will be.

I love your weekly summary. I love reading every week what you do with your girls. Thanks for that link. I think I had it at one point but you know how that goes. :)

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