Thursday, June 2, 2011


My youngest daughter is totally and completely an autodidact.
a person who has learned a subject without the benefit of a teacher or formal education; a self-taught person.

She recently became intrigued by the Japanese drawing style of Manga.  I found her looking up videos on youtube and googling how to draw manga.  I offered to sign her up for a class on this and other cartooning styles offered at our local community center.  She looked at me with pure disdain.  Why she asked, would she need a class, when she can teach herself everything she needs to know?  I was told that all she needs are books and a computer. 

Touche my dear. 
Here is your book.


Theresa said...

That is great! Good for her!

We are meeting a lot of homeschool kids that are into Manga books. A has read a few and likes them.

I've been trying to come up with ideas for us to do this summer in art & music at home, without classes, just to see how far it takes us, and if we exhaust what we can do, then we will sign up for a class. I think this kind of learning is probably best when it is child-led.

Jessica said...

Interestingly she has never read a Manga book that I know of....she is just drawn to this style of drawing.

Grace picked up the first book in the Winnie series yesterday for her "summer reading". She was up until almost 10 reading 39 clues. Thanks for the recommendation!

Karen said...

Kei doesn't like Manga. TONS of her friends do though. I love our little autodidact kids. ;) YouTube is great for that. Kei has learned so many 'how tos' from it.

Love Lilah's drawings. Kei does too.

karisma said...

Love that drawing. And I went upstairs and checked out Gem's book case. I am assuming the big one that was downstairs is the least favourite. The Peter Gray one however must be good. I found three more of his on the shelf. Mechas and Monsters, Women, Advanced Techniques. She also has a set called Manga drawing kit which came with books, pencils and a model etc. I am thinking though that the Peter Gray ones are probably the best. Can't wait to see what else your little self taught artist comes up with! :-)

Jessica said...

Karisma, I am going to look into Peter Gray for her. Thank you so much!

Joyful Learner said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm a parent of an autodidact too and it's quite amazing to watch. It completely challenges the notion that we have to be taught to learn.

I used to draw Manga too when I was kid. I was disappointed when my art teacher in school didn't accept it as part of my art portfolio. I have a cousin who makes a good living drawing comic books. It always surprises me how much you have to go against what others say to follow your own heart.

Great picture by the way! I don't think any teacher can teach what your daughter already knows how to do! Yeah for self-learners!

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