Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Beginning is just a beginning...

I thought back over all the families we have met over the past 18 months and what their styles are.  I realized with the exception of one or two families, I could not say definitively that this family is a true unschooling family, or that family is positively classical.  As you become accustomed to homeschooling, inevitably you pick and choose parts of different styles that work best for you and your children.
However, defining an educational philosophy can be very helpful for a newbie homeschooling family.  In order to have a philosophy, you must first reflect on how you believe children learn best.  Specifically your children.  There is no right or wrong answer here.  Have you thought about how your children like to learn?
  • Do they like to have a defined schedule?  
  • Do they prefer no schedule and the flexibility to learn what they want, when they want for as long as they want?  
  • Do you want to give your children an understanding of traditional classics or contemporary soon-to-be classics?
  • Do you feel more comfortable piecing together a curriculum or purchasing a full curriculum that covers all the bases?
  • Do you want a curriculum or do you want to learn from the opportunities life presents us?  
In school, teachers are given a set curriculum chosen for them by the Board of Directors.  It may include Rigby Reading, Chicago Math and Columbia’s Writer’s Workshop.  As a parent, you have no say in what your children learn and how they learn.   
When you withdraw your child from public school you are suddenly  responsible for teaching  all the content areas.  Where do you begin? ....  to read more click on over to Three Thinking Mothers!  Enjoy!


Rebecca said...

Thinking about how my children like to a daily thought..and requires a lot of flexibility...three children, changing and growing daily....needing/desiring routine, yet loving flexibility! We started with a 'box' and are graduating to our own curriculum....designed by our family and we pray, brought to us from God. Love your sweet blog and thankful I found you on twitter today!

Jessica said...

Rebecca, Thank you for visiting! Please check out my other blog, where two of my friends and I write about homeschooling issues weekly. This week has been our guiding philosophy.

Christina Pilkington said...

I think the key is respecting your children's choices. If you have to fight them about a certain subject or topic, I just don't think it's worth damaging your relationship. I think all homeschooling families want their children to love learning. As long as the children are doing that, that is what counts.

Karen said...

We do a little of everything. I have found great things that just didn't work for us. As far as a defined schedule...we are loosely scheduled. Nothing is written in rock but we try to keep to a somewhat schedule.

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