Thursday, June 23, 2011

Carnivorous Lovelies

My dear friend MamaK at Frog Creek kindly let us garden-sit her carnivorous plants.  Since we studied these lovelies in chapter 3 of Apologia Botany, the girls and I are familiar with how very awesomely cool these plants are.  

love these!

pitcher plant

MamaK has inspired me to begin my own little garden!


  1. Very cool! We keep thinking we want to get some of these...

  2. Aren't they the BEST! I would love to help you get going. They are so much fun to have around.

  3. Great plants. I love how you have enjoyed your botany. We are doing it next time and I expect a lot of help. Hehe. I have always loved Venus Fly Traps. Like Audrey. ;)

  4. My Remy has requested a venus flytrap many times. I cannot allow him to view this post. hee hee


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