Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An eclectic display of mixed media!

In April we attended a homeschool art show in a town about an hour and a half from us.  It was hosted by a Hartford area homeschool group that we are not a part of.  We tossed some pieces of pottery in the car and drove up with no expectations.  I was amazed by what the children displayed!  The youngest artist was three years old and displayed some crayon drawings and a sculpture made from painted dixie cups!  The oldest was seventeen and had the talent to sell her prints and originals.  I may be mistaken but I believe she is headed off to study fine arts next fall.  

The exhibit showcased the talents of students who spent the year completing artist studies, trying their hand at photography, sculpture, textile and graphic arts. 

Our display was lacking creativity and originality but the seed was planted in my head that we could do this same type of event closer to home with our friends and family!  After contacting my favorite homeschool-friendly library, I had a room and a date reserved for our very own art exhibit! Then after sending our a few emails, the list of participants grew to 25 children.

Time is a luxury we have right now.  The girls can spend as much time preparing their displays as they feel is necessary to have a finished product that they are proud to show.  Over the course of the year we have tried our hand at several different art forms from knitting and beading to felting to print making, Chinese calligraphy and manga.  Their boards are an eclectic display of mixed media...hey that sounds just like how we homeschool!

Stay tuned for the show which takes place tomorrow......


H-Mama said...

this looks like fun! :)

Theresa said...

What a great idea!

We were awed by the homeschool art show we attended as well.

I am loving this laid-back summer schedule, tomorrow we are going to finish our decluttering project and do some knitting!

Helena said...

This looks awesome, Jessica! How great that you were inspired by something, then organised it for your own community. That in turn inspires your kids and the people around you to reach for their dreams. You are an very amazing, proactive, take-life-with-both-hands-and-celebrate-it! family. The way you all are inspires me, and makes me smile. I can't wait to see how the art show went!

On a side note: a mum did the same thing here in our community—just a little art show—and we had so much fun. It's led to her running biweekly art workshops, alternating with my writers workshops. The kids love them.

I love the homeschool community—so many people saying, "What can I do, not just for my kids but for others around me?" It's beautiful. :)

Rosemarie said...

I wish we could have taken part in this. We just had a prior engagement at night.

Hope all goes well.

Karen said...

I love this idea! LOVE IT! I want to do it. NOW. I wish, selfishly, that all of us lived close. If I ever win the lottery, I am buying an island and flying you, Theresa, Helena and some of my friends from here. We will live there for a summer and have such fun. A Nim's Island meets Blue Lagoon without the freaky stuff. ;) Husbands could come too I suppose.

Can't wait to see the next post. I want to look at the girls Art a little better.

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