Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Lucky Mom Indeed

Since we had a super busy afternoon we decided to have our main meal at lunch.  We stopped into Whole Foods and the girls decided what they would like to eat.  When we got home, Grace asked if she could make the meal.  Up until now she has made a part of the meal, maybe the salad, or helped with the burgers, but never an entire meal!  I was her guide, helping her with little tips along the way.
While she was making the salad, I explained that you can cross contaminate your food easily.  One cutting board is for veggies and another is for meats.  You can use one if you do veggies first.  After the meat is done the board goes directly into the dishwasher.

My mom always allows Grace and Lilah to help in her kitchen so she was a sous-chef many times.  She said her Gram taught her how to make burgers.  She rolled them out, flattened them and placed them on the grill.  Before she did anything else, she washed her hands with soap and hot water!

She boiled the corn on the cob and a few green beans for her sister and I who do not like them raw.

She set the table, placed the food and drinks on it, all the while beaming with pride in her accomplishment.

I have a feeling there are many more meals where I don’t have to cook in my future!  Grace’s meals combined with Lilah’s desserts makes this Mom one very lucky Mom indeed!


  1. I totally need to train Pea to cook. Then I wouldn't have to cook as much!!! Thanks for the great idea. and if you can't tell, I think you are indeed a lucky mom!!!

  2. That's wonderful! I am so impressed that she used the grill all by herself!! We have a charcoal grill--and I don't even know how to use it!! lol, Jason does all the grilling around here.

  3. What a great job she did! I am impressed with the grill too! I can't grill worth a dang but Grace did amazing. Look at all those veggies! WOW Lucky Mom indeed and lucky kids. :)

  4. Lucky mom indeed! I love the look of accomplishment when the kids put together a meal. You can't fake that!!

  5. Fantastic!! My girls love to help in the kitchen, and many times they've cooked with my acting as an assistant only. Today we all worked together to make chili for the crock we made homemade ice cream together :) It's so important for kids to learn how to cook!
    I love how proud Grace looks of her accomplishment!

  6. So cute! She looks so proud of herself! You are lucky. :-)

  7. Thanks everyone! Grace reads this blog and she loves the feedback. As we are replacing many of our snack items with homemade ones, I am teaching the girls how to make their own chocolate or vanilla pudding next!

  8. Kids learn so much when they cook. It's something they can do that directly impacts others. BTW, your daughter is gorgeous!

  9. Oh my gosh, this is such a great post! You are such a lucky mom to have such a talented cook in the kitchen! Awesome job, Grace! Everything looks delicious!

    My Grace and Emma love to cook and bake and I imagine that a few years down the road we may have a smiliar post too!

    I would love to see the snack items that you are replacing with homemade ones! I am always looking for new ideas of things that we can make from scratch!

    Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  10. That is awesome! Cooking on a grill isn't something I ever learned and definitely need to get my kids involved in...

  11. Look at that gal grill! I am super impressed! :)


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