Monday, June 6, 2011

Some items on my bucket list....

Drive across the country: I have seen all of New England and most of the mid-Atlantic but have seen very little of our country’s heartland and have never been west.  Despite this I have actually been to Minot, North Dakota.  I visited a “friend” in Saskatchewan, Canada and my plane dropped me off in ND.  I want to drive through the plains, see the Grand Canyon, and drive the coast of California up to Oregon.  I just need to figure how to carve out the time needed for this kind of trip!

Attend a political rally in Washington D.C. : When my girls are a bit older I would like to take them and participate in something bigger than us.  Perhaps with election season gearing up there will be an opportunity for this.
Own chickens:  Simple enough right?  I just called our town’s zoning department.  If New Haven passed laws allowing backyard homesteading, why can’t we?  It turns out that we may in fact be able to have a few and have some fresh eggs of our own.  Now I can start dreaming of chicken coops.  (Greg...if you are reading....this would be a fabulous Christmas present!)
Pierce my  nose:  Yes, you have heard this before.  I wrote about it here before.  It is still on my list and I think that since I turn 40 in November, and have wanted one since I have been 12 years old, I think this is my year to finally do it!  
Develop and operate a book bank:  I want to have a small space where people can come to donate their unwanted/outgrown/discarded books and trade them for books of their liking. Free.  Not a library, not a used book store.  Just a space where you can come, have a cup of tea or coffee and be surrounded by other people’s memories waiting to become a part of you.  I envision this operating on sponsorships.  Maybe I could get Planning and Zoning to allow me to run it out of my garage and I could sell my eggs!
Write a book:  I actually started a book about six months ago.  I had what I thought was a good idea and just began writing. The words flowed from my fingertips.  Then I let it go.  My goal is to take some time this summer, read what I have written already, determine if it is worthwhile and if it is, keep going!  I have some ideas for children’s books as well.  I would love to empty out my “office” which is really a dumping zone for all our stuff and make it into a real workable writing space.
Grow my blog:  I hope to someday have enough followers and daily views that I could entice businesses to sponsor my site.  Since I put so much time and effort into the process of blogging, it would be personally fulfilling to get compensated for the work.  


  1. love your bucket list!!! I would love to take a couple weeks to drive acrossed country..

  2. Love i and totally do able! I am with you on the drive across the country. I think you would need a month to six weeks to make it to the west, sight see, and meander back. I am def going to do this when Ev is 10-12! Well that is kinda my plan...

  3. How cool would it be if we had a caravan of RVs??!!

  4. We've been planning the Grand Canyon trip since last year. We are taking our time planning our route (obviously). Also, if you want to do certain thing in the Canyon (rafting, hiking, etc.) some of it needs to be booked well in advance.

    Jason has family in both Southern California and Oregon so we did the PCH trip a few years ago--we will inevitably do it again at some point. It was beautiful--I wish we had been into photography and had good camera then!

  5. I live in AZ...wanna trade? :) We haven't been! lol. We just got chickens during the holidays and we love them. They are totally pets, not just egg layers. :) You will love it!

  6. Almost EVERYTHING on your bucket list is on mine! I would love to take an RV and travel the country. Wouldn't that be cool? I want a gypsy caravan..I have always wanted one. With my job needing Wi-Fi and a telephone we could totally do it. If I could just maneuver the sucker around!

    I would love to be really involved in an election and take Kei along. I love the book bank idea. A book store has always been on my list of things I would love to have. A funky, hip place with tons of reading space and cool things everywhere.

    What a great list Jess!

  7. You have a great list! A couple of years ago we took the kids to Mt. Rushmore (from MI), my brother was getting married in NE so we decided to make a trip of it. It really was a lot of fun. I won't be getting my nose pierced any time soon ;) , but I love the rest of you list!

  8. I love your bucket list! Most of those things would be on my list also, except for the piercing : )
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    My MidLife "Green" Crisis

  9. Driving across the country is both more exhausting and more exciting than I ever could have dreamed! Feel free to ask any questions you may have when you begin to plan your adventure.


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