Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday in Tennessee

Sometimes life has a way of making you slow down and relax.  With a sister sick in bed with a 103 fever, Lilah had lots of time to just hang at her Grandparent’s house. 

On a walk with her father she discovered insect eggs.  We have to determine what type of larva will emerge.

She saw a cool moth which she believes is a bark moth but I am not convinced. We will need to investigate this further. Whatever it is, it is beautiful.

She enjoyed the beautiful lakefront views.

She enjoyed fishing with her dad, but did not enjoy feeling like she caused a fish harm.

I enjoyed this book.  Look for a review soon.


  1. So sorry to hear sis is sick! Hope she feels better quick! But those eggs and moth are pretty darn cool, especially as my own little girl looks on behind me :). I'm enjoying your travels so far, thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Thanks for the books suggestion! You know how I LOVE a good book, my library actually has this book Yea!
    Sorry to hear your daughter is not feeling well, Hope she gets better soon!

  3. Sorry your dd is under the weather, I hope she is feeling better soon!

  4. I hope your girl feels better v v v soon. It's never fun to be sick, but sick on vacation seems like an injustice! Please tell Grace that my girl knows just how she feels, and we are sending warm, get better thoughts your way.

    How lovely that Lilah is still having fun, exploring, learning, discovering. She looks just so happy, and content, by that lake. Thank you for sharing Lilah's day, and her smile!

    (We tried fishing once too—it wasn't for us, and we were vegetarians within six months! Not to say this will be your path, but you know, these things can start small and all of a sudden, it's lentils lentils lentils! :) )

  5. Hope Grace feels better soon. I love Lilah's day. Looks awesome. Are you in Tennessee? Is that where the grandparents live? Beautiful pictures Jess.

  6. Didn't I post a comment? I think I am losing it. :p

  7. Oh no! Sorry the sister was sick...but it does make for some nice quiet exploration for the other girl. :)


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