Thursday, July 14, 2011

Al Roker + My Winnie = One Crazy Early Morning

Grace has decided that we simply must go to NYC and stand outside the NBC studios with a big sign while Al Roker is broadcasting the weather on the Today Show.  
She came up with this idea while reading a books she is adoring, Ten: Winnie Years Series, recommended to her by Theresa at Our  Life in Words.  She has found so many connections to this character starting with the name (Winnie is her nickname as she was named after my Grandmother Winifred).  Like my Winnie, this Winnie has an affinity for all things weather and got to meet Al Roker.  So if the book Winnie can, my Winnie thinks she can too!
Only this is no easy task.  We are a 90 minute train ride from Manhattan and the today show begins at 7AM.  In order to get a prime spot to show off a gorgeously decorated sign that will be certain to capture Mr. Roker’s attention, we need to be there early.  How early I am not certain, but I would think at least a half hour early, which brings us to 6:30.  Add in walking time to Rockefeller Center (first we need a bathroom break) and that means getting into Grand Central at 6AM.  90 minute train ride means leaving station at 4:30AM.  What is the earliest train?  There is a 4:30 that gets in at 5:50.  AM!  That is crazy early.
Then there is the matter of Lilah, my sleeping Queen.  There is no bribe big enough, and no cash payoff large enough to get her out of bed and onto a train that early.  Getting her on a train at noon is hard enough.  She is not a city-girl, and there is nothing wrong with that!  So I need a day when Greg can be home, which would most likely be a Friday.
But wait....Friday = Friday Concert Series.  There is no way I am taking Grace on a Friday in the summer.  We will have to wait for summer to end.  But wait....if we wait until September, not only will it be cooler, the children will be in school.  Not many parents let their kids skip in the first weeks, right?  We will just have to battle the tourists for a space up front.  
So September it might be.  Anyone crazy enough to join us on this adventure??  

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