Friday, July 15, 2011

By sheer serendipity...

I love the word serendipity.  I never have enough occasions to use it in conversation.   It was by sheer serendipity that one day many months ago while  I was browsing randomly through blogs on blogger I came across Theresa at Our Life In Words.  I began following along as she wrote about her girls progress in school.  Her girls were the same age as mine and both attended public school in New Jersey.  Then one day there came a post about the possibility of homeschooling her daughters.  I was newly homeschooling Lilah and posted my first comment.  I believe this was her post.  (I don't know why this is showing up at 0 comment....)
I added her blog to my favorites list and we became fast bloggy friends.  We talked about the hugeness of the decision to homeschool.  We talked about how scary the process of withdrawing your children can be.  We talked about the positive reactions we received from friends and family.  We talked about the negative reactions we received from friends and family.  We traded personal emails.  We talked more.  We became facebook friends and talked even more!  Now we are simply friends.
Friendship has been redefined with the age of the internet.  It still awes me that through a connection that I cannot see, I can be linked with people all over the world who share the same hopes and dreams for their family as I do for mine.  We may not share the same religion, political beliefs or hobbies, but we are passionate about giving our children a sound education that fits their needs, while reforming our families in order to be holistically healthy.  
It was a blessing that day, that serendipitous day, when a click of a laptop mouse sparked a friendship.  I look forward to more days like yesterday, when we were able to meet in person as opposed to on the computer.  Our children were able to play, laugh, talk and discover while swimming, playing with dolls or legos and sharing a meal.  The time to say goodbye came much too quickly but comfort was had in the knowledge that many memories were made and the opportunity for many more lie only a car ride away.

What serendipitous connections have you made to other bloggers or friends in your life?  
Have you been blessed to meet in person?

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