Wednesday, July 6, 2011

For The Sake of Our Children

Today it began.  Just like years ago when I began this blog to share my crusade to clean up my girl’s school, I am now part of a much bigger up my family’s food.  
While rummaging through a cabinet I came across Orville Redenbacher popcorn.  My family has used this brand forever.  We just purchased a bag of organic popping corn at Whole Foods last week and Greg bought another at our local natural food store, Nature’s Way, but the girls said they prefer the Orville brand made by Con Agra Foods.  I called the 800# on the back of the jar to inquire.  I was told that while the company does not specifically state that the product is modified, they do use modified ingredients in their products and could not guarantee a product does not contain modifications unless it is labeled organic.  Apparently they did have an organic line of popping corn but discontinued it.  
I explained that this is one of my family’s favorite brands but unfortunately we will have to discontinue our use of it.  I urged the company to once again offer organic products.  She noted my issue with their product and told me that every time a consumer calls and even inquires about if a product is modified it gets sent on to upper management.  Will you join me in calling your favorite companies asking them to at least label their products so consumers can make educated choices and to offer organic/non-GMO products for those who do not care for the alternative?
For dinner tonight I thought I would grill up some burgers, kielbasa, make a fresh salad with the greens from my garden and open a can of Nibblets for the girls.  Nibblets.....corn....GMO....ugh.  Once again I reached for the phone and dialed the number on the back.  This conversation was a bit different.  General Mills is the parent company of the Green Giant brand.  The woman I spoke with read me the corporate statement on GMO products which was very similar to the one read to me by the Orville Representative of Con Agra Foods.  Only this statement pertained to grains.  When I asked about canned products, she was stumped.  She asked a supervisor.  Again, no clear response.  She took my name, address and phone number and told me she would get back to me soon with clarification.  
When I was asked if there was a problem with the product, I replied that I grew up on this brand.  My family loves this brand.  But I can no longer purchase it if it is modified corn.  I am hoping that companies will label their food so that I can make educated choices but until then I will call each company and ask directly.
On the bright family loves sunflower seeds.  Con Agra makes the David Seed brand, all of which, are NON-GMO!  
My hope is that with my friend’s help, we will begin to campaign for our families heath.  I plan to not only call the companies but follow up with letters to the President.  Will you join me?  There is strength in numbers.  It is time to band together, for the sake of our children.


Amy Friendlyshoe said...

Maybe you should put a tab on your blog of all of the non GMO foods you find on this adventure.

I figure all soy and corn are modified. They had to be modified so when they killed the weeds with weed killer it would not kill the plants.

Jessica said...

Amy, Thank you for the suggestion, I just added a new tab.

Annie said...

I have been following your blog for a while and I think this is a wonderful new venture. This is something that I have been upset about and researching for years. I have been fighting this fight for a while and welcome some new blood.

Are you writing to the President of the United States or the President of each company?

I am not trying to start a conflict, but aren't you always talking about how conservative you are? You must realize that this is a form of deregulation. Have you done the political research? The GOP calls for repeal of food label regulations and the Democrats demand more stringent labels. I encourage you to research this from a political perspective.

I understand that you and I and several others can choose not to buy products from those companies, but many Americans don't have the money to buy organic/GMO-free or to take this kind of stand and are forced to buy genetically modified food for their families because it is all that they can afford. When the corporate CEOs start allowing some of that money to actuallytrickle down...(instead of making progressively more and more than the average employee)maybe then more Americans can take this important stand and feed their family more healthful foods.

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