Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Swallowtail!

Thursday, the first of my three lovelies emerged from his chrysalis state.  I was hoping to catch a good photo of him without the netting but this insect was ready to stretch his wings and fly.  

My girls hatched caterpillars in preschool.  The butterflies were kept in captivity for a few days until the last day of school where parents were invited and the children joined hands in a circle, sang a song and set them free.  This experience was different.  While we found these caterpillars munching away happily on their dill plant, I feel like they found us.  From the look on the face of the nursery owner, I am not certain what their fate would have been if discovered by someone other than us.  The randomness of our discovery plus the generosity of our friends in loaning us the habitat, to the research involved in identifying the caterpillars, to the search for the freshest dill plants to keep them munching away, it was all an adventure.

I hope my other two lovelies wait until the weekend to present themselves.  I would love to have Greg see.

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