Thursday, July 7, 2011

Itchy Fingers

Do you ever feel like there is just not to much to say?  Your fingers itch to type but there is no great wave of passion flowing through them?  That is how I have been lately.  Not in a funk.  Not in the midst of writer’s block.  I think I just needed a break to enjoy my life through the lens of my eye, rather than the lens of my camera.  
I did not take one single picture this past weekend.  There was much that I could have captured like my horrible horrible haircut that I got on Saturday.  Or my wonderful family dinner at my house Sunday.  Or spending the day at our friends on the 4th.  Swimming, playing, gardening.  All good stuff.  
Blogging serves an interesting purpose in our family.  It helps me to connect and reflect on the amazing, interesting, fun, educational, spiritual things we do.  There are weeks when I look back and think to myself, “what did we do this week?” and I have to think hard to recall the small moments of lego building, baking, tree house building, camp out planning, and Bendaroo creating.  When I write down our comings and goings I know that this week in addition to these fun, creative adventures, we also read two chapters of Botany, diagrammed the parts of a twig, measured how much that twig grew in a year, hatched a butterfly, learned a new recipe, read a great book, had a fantastic piano lesson, did our dog walking job, practiced meditation, and discovered a math workbook to help learn multiplication.  And it is only Thursday!  There is much still to do before our week is done.
I am taking a break from my writing about food and nutrition.  I have to let what I have learned sink in.  I have to implement the changes in my family in my own way.  I have spent the last month with some heavy reading that weighs heavily on my soul.  I am still reading a heavy book, this one about food colorings and the link they have to both behavioral and physical health (or un-health).  But after that I am going to focus on my knitting for awhile.  I am going to read a trashy fun book.  I am going to rest my spirit and focus on the positives rather than the negatives.  This quest to change the world can wear a girl out!
Be on the lookout for another giveaway.  I have a bunch of never-used curriculum items I purchased last year that I would love to see used and enjoyed!  As a teaser, I have Horizon math, a weather book from Prufrock Press, and learning cursive through copywork..........interested?  Good!

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