Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Very Own Lovelies!

Remember back in June when I was lucky enough to care for MamaK's carnivorous lovelies?  I cared for these plants as if they were my pets.  I watered them, rotated them for maximum sun exposure and even strategically placed them next to the dog kennel so they would not go hungry!

Have I told you lately how blessed I am to have MamaK as my friend?  I am one lucky lady.  As a just-because, she gave me my own planter of carnivorous lovely babies!  Her plants multiplied and she shared her bounty with me.

Sundew and Butterwort

But not only that.  MamaK went one step beyond amazing and brought a container full of lovely babies for Grace's friend who has been very into carnivorous plants.  He visited when we were plant sitting and I gave him a tutorial of what we had to do to keep them alive.  Apparently he has been trying to grow some from seeds, which I can imagine is a very hard thing to do.  Now he has his own lovelies to care for and watch grow, and digest....

This is the kind of friend I have in MamaK.  I know so many of you know her and her blog and are totally jealous that I hang with her on a regular basis.  Every time I am with her, I walk away a better person.

Thank you MamaK, for my very own lovelies and for your many gifts.

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