Monday, July 11, 2011

Pottery Session II

My girls finished another session of pottery.  This was Lilah’s second session, and Grace’s first.  I love looking at their creations.  Lilah has taken a pottery class at an art school which at the time I thought was good.  She made a coil pot, a candle holder and a few pinch pots.  Looking back I realize that it was very teacher directed.  Each week the children made the same thing, modeled after what the teacher was making.
This class is “taught” by a homeschooling mom who is blessed to have a full studio and kiln in her home.  Every week the children create.  There are no plans, no group instruction, no grades, or pressures.  She simply guides them in whatever it is that they want to do.  Unlike the art school, she does not believe that 10 year-olds are too young for a pottery wheel.  Heck, our six year old friend is learning the wheel.  Lilah is even able to center on the wheel, but I am not sure exactly what that means!  
Part of their learning process is trial and error.  Grace learned that a piece she made with many small pieces broke in the kiln.  A tail on her dragon fell off because it was not quite balanced.  Rather than be concerned about a grade, she now knows what not to do next time with no repercussions to worry about.  She is loving the freedom that this art form allows.
I hope that both girls continue this class in the fall.  I am going to have to keep clearing off shelves to display their work!

the print on one of Lilah's plates

Grace's goblet

Lilah's creations

a flower from Grace

Got fly?

Lilah's nest

one of Grace's bowls

Lilah's bowls

Lilah's hand and foot

I can't wait to hang these tiles!

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