Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rhode Island

To escape the 90+ degree day that was on tap for Monday, my sister and I packed up our cars and headed north to the beautiful state of Rhode Island.  We had no destination in mind.  We decided to get off the highway at exit 2 and use our GPS to find us a beach!  Our GPS did get us to a beachy-area but we needed a bit more live person help!  After a quick trip to the Tourist Information Stand we had a plan... a small town beach with minimal admission fee!
The wind was kicking up some serious waves.  For those of us along the Long Island Sound, waves are a rare occurrence.  But here in the open Atlantic Ocean, some waves were breaking over the kids’ heads.  The wind was nature’s air conditioner, keeping the temps in the low 80s. kind of day.

I discovered that Lilah is quite the daredevil.  I thought she would mind getting tossed around like a rag-doll.  Every time the wave knocked her over I kept waiting to see her emerge upset.  She loved the sand-in-your-pants-oops-I-just-lost-my-pants kind of water fun.  Grace on the other hand, prefers low tide when she can search tide pools and skim board till her heart’s content.  
I was just grateful my girls are old enough to take care of themselves so this Mama could stay on the beach and not have to brave the chilly-sand-in-your-pants waves!  Those baby pains from yesterday’s post?  They were not around this day!

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