Friday, July 29, 2011

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Lesson Planning: To Plan or Not To Plan...

The truth is......I don’t really plan.
I tried.  Honestly, I did.  The teacher in me had to make charts and lists and record daily in my homeschooling journal.  I planned the week out with what lessons would be done each day, how many chapters we would read, when Lilah would edit and revise and publish her piece of writing, what art lesson I would teach, who we would play with and when.  
In order to stick to this schedule I had to school at home.  When Grace was in school and Lilah was home those first six months by herself, we pretty much did school at home.  Our day was spent with half hour lessons covering all the topic areas.   I felt the pressure that since Grace was in school doing math for 45 minutes a day, so should we.  Since she was taking spelling tests every Friday, we should too.  Lilah still called her breaks “recess” and out of habit raised her hand when she needed me.  
As the first month progressed into months three and four I began to realize something.  My checklists had lots of lines in them.  My planner book had arrows pointing from one day to the next.  What I had planned was getting done, but not in the order I envisioned.  When lesson 18 in our Grammar book was unfinished, I felt anxiety, even though Lilah created an amazing piece of writing instead....for now my schedule was off.  A line was drawn through Lesson 18 and an arrow moved it from Monday to Tuesday.  
This was not how I wanted to homeschool.   (Please keep reading over at Three Thinking Mothers!)

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