Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What I am Reading

Over the past month I have been reading.  Lots and lots of reading.   I read one book that changed my life.  My dear friend is reading it now.  I think it is changing her life too.  Have you read it?

Because of this book I will no longer eat soy or allow soy products anywhere near my children.  I will ask retailers if the product they sell are GM'd.  I will only purchase organic milk and dairy products.  I will seek out stores like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, because I can be assured that their food products have not been GM'd.  I will begin to call companies and ask them to consider Americans as worthy their consumers who live overseas, for whom they have eliminated toxic food colorings, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients.  Will you join me?  The Moms of this country are going to have to be the ones to make a change.   I don't think anyone else cares enough....

I also read this amazing book.

If you have a child that suffers from one of this disorders these two books go hand in hand.  Because of this book I am looking at my children's diet closely.  I have already eliminated high fructose corn syrup from our diets.  I have eliminated Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners.  I have thrown out all colored products like toothpastes and mouth washes and replaced them with brands like Tom's All Natural.  I have switched to all natural cleaning products, stopped the use of fluoride treatments at the dentist and begun to build my homeopathy medicine cabinet.  I still have work to do.  At some point I would like to have my girls tested to see if they carry a high load of heavy metals from their vaccines.  Until then I am doing everything in my power to help their bodies detox naturally and look to food and diet in a whole new way.

For my "fun" reading I found these two books which I adored.  I recommended them to my 12 year old nephew since they are aimed at a young adult audience and I would love to get his take on the first book.  For some reason my brain pictures him as the main character in this story.

I have written before how much I admire an author's ability to be original.  I was sorely disappointed after reading The Hunger Games to learn that a similar story was already written by a Japanese author.  I felt Twilight was loosely based on The Vampire Diaries.  This book is a gem.  It is original and unique.  It had twists and turns that I did not foresee.  My only criticism is I feel there is going to be a sequel and I would have liked to have had the closure of this book ending.

Next I discovered this book.

Again, amazingly original.  This book begs to be read by a book club even though it is labeled Young Adult.  It left me continually questioning the authors intent.  Is he pro-life or pro-choice?  With this book you can have a lively debate on the issue of abortion.  When does the existence of a human soul begin?  What would our country's social structure be like if abortion was eliminated?  Does the fact that we have abortion pass judgement on how little we value life?  Do we value children?  Could the events in this book conceivable happen in the United States?  

So many books....not enough time.  I think I need to rest my brain and work on a certain baby blanket that I am knitting.  It has to be finished in four months!


musicalmary said...

OK, I didn't know that about The Hunger Games... I just finished reading it and really enjoyed it. I think I might need to read Peculiar Children next!

Thanks for the recommendations, Jess.

Karen said...

The 2 'fun' books look great. Adding them to my library list. Thanks Jess!

Helena said...

I love reading list! I love that you read Young Adult and Childrens' Lit with the same joy (and reverence sometimes!) that I do. I am so impressed and inspired by what you're doing for your family in terms of healthy food and life choices. Isn't it amazing where books can take us? Aren't we lucky and blessed for the words people write? Aren't they so empowering and inspiring?

Thank you for this list, Jess. Thank you for being the reader and thinker that you are. Now, yes, go and rest up. But not for too long, because you are one of those writers making people think, sit up, be mindful and change. Your words make a beautiful difference.

Jessica said...

@ Mary - I loved Hunger Games, in a sick, twisted way! They just finished casting the movie. I cannot imagine how this book will translate into a movie without being rated R.

@Karen - what are you reading this summer? I need a new book!

@ Helena - thank you for that comment. Your words touched me. When I don't feel like writing, I will remember them.

H-Mama said...

many days, going against the masses regarding health feels like walking against the current, but knowing it will be worth it keeps me going. *sigh* i have read so many things over the past decade. it's saddening, really.

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