Monday, August 1, 2011

Can we do lessons today?

I thought today would be our first day back to lessons: the kick-off of fall trimester.  Then I looked at my schedule for the next few weeks which included a week of Grace volunteering at Church, a family trip and a mini-trip and tabled my plans to start until after Labor Day.  As fate would have it, both my girls asked if we could “do lessons” today.  Even though I had nothing planned, nothing prepared, I said “of course!”.  
Lilah spent over an hour reading her newest book, the first in The Series of Unfortunate Events.  She picked up this book and then quickly put it down upon reading of the fate of the parents.  Needing to know what happened to the children, she picked it up again and has not put it down since.  I have not seen Lilah this engrossed in a book in a while and it warms my heart.

Grace asked if she could do history.  Last year we did history together.  I read it to them, we discussed the chapter and then the girls did their mapwork, quiz and Book of Centuries.  This year, I am considering Grace a middle school student and want to give her freedoms and responsibilities as such.  She read chapter 1 on her own and emailed me a summary.

This year I am thinking about using the Girl Scout Junior Badge Book as the basis for much of their writing.  I highlighted the projects that I think sound great plus incorporate many writing activities and asked the girls to browse through them and mark which ones they would like to do.  

We went to the girls’ weekly dog walking job and then a quick pop in to the library.  I have pledged to boycott our library.  I am not a fan.  They are not fans of homeschooling families.  I could explain why but it would fill up an entire post.  Needless to say, today was no exception.  We each had a small pile of books, all fiction.  I asked for the 6 week return date allowed for teachers (which is on my card). 
“But it’s summer.”
“Yes, but we homeschool...year round.”
“Fiction books?” (insert raised eyebrows and condescending tone of voice)
“Of course.”
“Well (more condescension) I had to ask because homeschoolers usually take out stacks of non-fiction books.”  
I did not engage her in a confrontation.  I simply ignored her, took my books and walked away pledging once again to drive the 20 minutes to neighboring libraries that are welcome homeschooling families.
“Mom, what was her problem with homeschooling?” 
“Sweetie, I have no idea.”

Thankfully mother nature has a way of alleviating my frustration by providing us with a spectacular show in the sky.  The cloud formations were so beautiful that we pulled over to snap a picture.  We snapped a few more while taking the dogs to the vet for their bordetella shots.

We snapped a few more at the beach with friends.

We ended our day with a second trip to the library ( pledge broken again) to see the mini-golf course the older brother of one of Grace’s best friends built for a family night.  We all agreed no more books would be taken out!  But we sure did have fun playing golf!

This is how we homeschoolers roll.  We learn, we play, we discover, we share, we create.  Never in isolation.  Always with intention.  Love it! 


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