Monday, August 22, 2011

Harvest Time!

We are back from vacation but not for long.  Just long enough to enjoy my new favorite time of the year...harvest time.
Those of you who have known me forever might be laughing right now.  Gardening is not and never has been a love of mine for the simple reason that I cannot stand the feeling of dirt on my hands.  I want to enjoy it but it drives me bonkers.  But I am moving past this.  This year I can actually say I helped in our garden with the planting, the weeding, the organic pest management researching, the watering and the harvesting.
This is what my counter top looked like this morning.  I did not clean it up for you.  This is the real messy deal.  This mess I can handle.  All the tomatoes are from our gardens.  As is the yellow squash, green onion, and the cucumbers.  The other veggies, like the potatoes are from our CSA.  

On our way home from the Cape we stopped at the outlets in Wrentham, MA and bought a new my whole family is very excited about.  Ta Da!

So this is how apple juice is supposed to taste!  So far we have made carrot/apple/celery, which might be my favorite, tomato/celery and apple.  The best thing is that juice then becomes our base for the green smoothie.  Yesterday we made the carrot juice blend, then dumped it in the Vitamix with kale, romaine, carrot greens, and frozen grapes.  Can you say delish????  
Not having my Vitamix for a week was much harder than I expected.  My body has come to rely on my smoothies.  Without them I actually feel out of balance.  Never again.  Next time we travel we will smoothie with our own blender whether it is in a hotel room (like we did in PA) or our family’s house (like we did in TN) or out of the back of our car (like in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead).  
If you have Netflix, watch this movie.  It is so inspirational....the power we all have to change the way our body functions all by choosing what we put into it.  This is one I will watch again with my girls.  I will file it under the category of Health and call it a lesson worth learning.

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