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The Homeschool Mother's Journal: August 26, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

Last year I did a weekly wrap up of what took place in each subject area.  This year I am doing something different.  I am joining up with the Homeschool’s Mother’s Journal!

In my life this week… I spent much time with my friends.  It was beyond pleasurable to relax, unwind, drink a cup of tea while the children played and enjoy their company before the business of our fall begins in a few weeks.  Our minds have also been drawn to Hurricane Irene barreling our way.  While the beginning of the week was spent playing, the end of the week was spent preparing.  There is so much work that goes into extreme weather preparations.  Just a partial list included: propane tank filling, pool draining, basement clearing, food shopping, pet food stocking, water stockpiling, baking, cooking, securing, yard cleaning, harvesting.  I was in high school when Hurricane Gloria hit Connecticut.  At the time I lived in Glastonbury, on the Connecticut River.  School was closed for a week as a result of major flooding.  Now that we live on the Connecticut coast, in the spot expected to take a direct hit, I would be lying if I said I am not a little bit nervous...
In our homeschool this week… Grace spent some time each day playing the piano.  Lilah passed hours playing with Legos.
Both girls are working on chapter 2 in Story of the World.  They are also both working on the badge project for Outdoor Creativity.  So far they have pressed flowers from our garden. They are sitting between newspaper under heavy cookbooks.  Lilah has already mounted one of hers onto cardstock and sealed it with ModgePodge.
Grace is very busy hurricane tracking.  Every night she uses weather underground at to plot the coordinates.  Unfortunately with her level of awareness about storm safety, she is very nervous to actually experience one.  Hopefully by the time she comes ashore in CT, Miss Irene will be just a tropical depression.
We began watching the Discovery Channel’s documentary about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center.  Our close proximity to New York coupled with my own experience of that day, having my mother and brother in Manhattan on 9/11 make this upcoming anniversary difficulty. However, this is a program you can watch as a family and celebrate your American Heritage.  Our strength as a people is in our determination to persevere.  I simply cannot wait to take my children to this site.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… This year the girls have begun to keep their own calendar.  Of course, I control the main calendar but they plug in their important dates for things like piano lessons, co-op, nature class, beach nights, etc.  There planners stay in their big Trapper Keeper-like binders in the dining room.  If I would like to suggest a task such as task #3 for Girl Scout badge, I can plug it in where I know I will have time to dedicate to this.  My goal is to help them learn time management and prioritization.  I love sitting with them talking about upcoming classes and events and watching their calendar fill up with things that matter to them.
I am inspired by… my Breville juicer!  I love it.  We did not research it or compare costs and reviews.  We walked into Williams Sonoma Outlet Store on our way home from Cape Cod and just bought it.  I love that I can make my juice which I then use to add to my green smoothie.  I have replaced one meal a day with a liquid meal.  In one green smoothie there can be: two carrots, two peaches, two stalks of celery all juiced plus at least one cup of spinach, half a cup of kale or romaine lettuce, the tops to the carrots, and some ice.  I would never ever eat this many fruits and vegitables in one day let alone one meal!  Every day is a new opportunity to try a new combination.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…  We enjoyed another dinner at the beach Tuesday night.  These have been some of my favorite times this summer.  We have made new friends, shared fun experiences and simply enjoyed the best that summer has to offer.  These nights will not stop just because August is ending. They will continue once a week, weather permitting, through September.
My favorite thing this week was… Lilah’s birthday.  Click HERE for pictures of her special day.
What’s working/not working for us… Lilah wants me to read Story of the World to her.  Secretly, I am so glad she asked!  Originally she wanted to read it to herself like Grace, but I enjoy this book so much, I did not want to lose the time learning with my children.  It amazes me that in each chapter a gap in my own knowledge is filled in.  For example, I did not know the origin of the word Anglo-Saxon and I did not know the story of Beowolf.  I am looking forward to picking up Celtic Fairy Tales next week at the library!  I am also taking the activity book to Staples to copy and hole punch it.  Each girl will have a pre-made binder this year.  No more copying the pages as needed.  Now I have to find a version of Beowolf to read aloud like I did with The Odyssey.  Any suggestions?
Questions/thoughts I have… How am I going to be able to get this family ready for another trip with the complexities that this trip will entail? (more details to follow....) and Will this trip be affected by the hurricane?  (hint...we are going somewhere on the East Coast) 

Things I’m working on… finishing up purchasing things we will need shortly.  I still need to order the girls’ math (Charlotte Mason Your Business Math: sports store and pet store).  Since this is an e-book there will be no wait time.  I also have to pick up new art supplies and I am still trying to find the perfect stainless steel bento box for our lunches.  Again...any recommendations?
I’m reading… 

Grace is  reading:


Lilah is reading:

I’m cooking… food that will not perish in case we are without power.  I stocked up on canned soup, broth, and canned chicken at Trader Joe’s today.  I am going to bake loaves of banana bread, granola bars, and perhaps a batch of spaghetti sauce.  I have almond milk, juice boxes and gallons of water ready.  Our grill has propane and we have fresh bread to go nicely with pb&j.  In the even that we do lose power for an extended period of time, I have the peace of mind knowing that my parents are just 2 miles away with a generator powerful enough to run their entire house.  I hope they have room in the freezer for all my tomatoes!
I’m grateful for… the fact that we do not have to go back to school shopping.  Today in Target we were picking up some packs of crayons at 19 cents a pack not for our own use but to give as party favors.  The section was filled with children who looked none to pleased to be there and their equally unhappy parents.   I overheard their displeasure was not from sending their children to school for 7 hours a day, but rather that this nasty hurricane would most likely disrupt the first day of school.  Not for us!
I’m praying for… my daughter to experience the wonder of mother nature with a healthy dose of appreciation for her power without the numbing fear it brings.
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