Sunday, September 11, 2011


After a little kayaking on the Poconoke River in Maryland... 

...we had some down time.  A cookout with burgers, chicken, veggy burgers, macaroni salad, hummus and veggies....yum!  

I am going to let you in on a little secret.  We learned how to play the best gave ever! Seriously.  You need to play this game.  Today.  With lots of friends.
You start with one person and two pool noodles.  They are the blog.  If you are feeling dramatic you can go all Jeff Goldblum and transform into the blog with sound effects and theatrics.  But it is not necessary.  Wiggling your pool noodles, you play tag.  You whack someone, or two someones with the noodle.

You absorb them into the blob.  You link arms and you go after more players.

The blob grows.

And grows.

Eventually controlling the blog takes good communication and some strategizing.

The last person standing outside the blob begins the new game.

After you have played this, tell me it isn’t the best game ever.

Now that you have seen my cool pics, you simply must head on over to Frog Creek to check out MamaK's pictures.  Since she is way cooler than I, she brought her camera on the canoe and snapped some amazing pictures of us paddling on the Poconoke River.

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