Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Imitating Art

Ever since our return from the trip of epic proportions, I have felt fall creeping in.  Perhaps it is the way the late afternoon light streams in through my windows casting an orange glow on the bowl full of ripened tomatoes.... Or maybe it is the smoky odor of a neighbor whose fire pit is ablaze.... Whatever it is, it has filled me with a need to begin to prepare to welcome this season into our lives.
I have begun to get a large donation ready for Goodwill.  It is mostly things we have outgrown both figuratively and literally.  Like these rain boots.  The little red apples have not fit on Lilah’s feet for quite some time.  And the polka dots?  A size too small for Grace.  The funky black and white ones...they leak.  It is time to say goodbye to them.
As I was walking by, I noticed the three pairs of boots lined up in the hallway two facing one direction and the littlest pair facing another and was instantly reminded of one of my favorite book covers, Belong to Me and then of Oscar Wilde’s quote "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life". 
So here is my little bit of life imitating art... 

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