Friday, September 23, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal: September 23

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
A whole week has passed?  It does not seem possible.  There are times when I think to myself...."so this is how it is supposed to be.  I have been waiting to arrive at this place."  
In My Life This Week: I have been struggling with social media.  I find that Facebook’s recent changes seem invasive (in a way past changes have not) and I find myself questioning why I need to share through this medium.  I find blogging to be intimate and purposeful and Facebook has felt very random and impersonal lately.  This link shared by one of my friends helped cement this feeling.

I don’t know if I will come off Facebook again but I am getting increasingly frustrated with a corporation collecting so much information about the American and World population.  Call me paranoid but it just does not feel right....
On top of this I have been asking myself if I am truly authentic in my blogging.  Do I share the good, the bad and the ugly?  When it comes to homeschooling, I think I do.  It was mentioned to me recently that I only put pictures of my children smiling and that portrays my family only in a positive light.  I agree.  I do not put pictures of my girls on the internet when they are engaged in a knock down, drag out argument.  I also do not share all the information that is personal to our family.  But who would?  Does this make me un-authentic?  I don’t think so.  My blog is precisely blog.  It is my online journal of my family’s adventures in the world of homeschooling and what we learn about ourselves along the way.   

I hope that a reader walks away feeling like they have the power to choose an alternative way to educate their child.  I hope that I share the interesting, exciting things that we get to do because of our life choices and from that others can have similar experiences.  I hope to convey my children laughing and smiling, surrounded by their friends, loved by their family and embracing the learning style that they get to create.  Isn’t that what we all want?
In Our Homeschool This Week:  We accomplished much.  We completed our the badge requirements for Outdoor Creativity.  To do this, we watched a great documentary on Netflix about John James Audubon.  The girls then wrote an essay about him.  We printed off pictures of the backyard garden they built earlier this summer and they provided captions.  Lilah decorated the cover of her project.  They will be presented to their Troop Leader when Girl Scouts begins in a few weeks.  In this one badge project:

  • Lilah learned how to write a 5 paragraph essay.
  • We practiced Haiku.
  • We poured through poetry books, including Emily Dickinson, searching for poems about nature.
  • We pressed flowers.
  • We practiced cursive.
  • We created a bookmark.
  • We watched a documentary.
  • We planned a trip to New York to see an original folio of Birds of North America at The New York Historical Society.  Very very cool.
We are working on review of math concepts.  My sister-in-law offered to work with the girls when we begin Business Math.  I have to confirm which business the girls want to run and purchase the ebooks.  
Co-op began this week and we discovered that we love it, each for our own special reasons.  We did a dry-run of getting from coop to the University for Grace’s meteorology class and found that we can do it if we leave coop five minutes early and if I stay very, very organized.  
Grace submitted her essay on Why We Should Honor Veteran’s to a state-wide contest.  We forwarded a copy to her Uncle, a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  She hopes she does not “win” as it involves riding in a special float in the Veteran’s Day Parade in Hartford.  She is not at all interested in this.  I told her it is not about winning or losing, but sharing her writing and hopefully receiving feedback from others.
We broke out our book of centuries and dusted them off.  We added Eugenie Clark (from a biography Grace read) and John James Audubon.  We still need to add it King Vortigern but I have having a hard time finding a condensed bio to print out.
Places We’re Going and People We’re Seeing:  Our highlight this week was coop. We met new friends and discovered new interests.  While we were visiting at MamaK’s house, I was lamenting over my lack of ideas for possible class topics.  Being the coolest Mama I know, she came up with the perfect class for me to teach...Blogging 101!
What We are Reading This Week:
Grace: The Day It Rained Forever 

Lilah: Spiderwick Book #5 


Our Read Aloud:

Questions/Thoughts I have: To recap....despite some bickering that is going on in my home, we are having many wonderful days.  I look at what we are doing, the quality of what we are doing, and I marvel at how lucky we are to be able to live this kind of life.  We are able to surround ourselves with what matters most.  My children are learning how to live an authentic life.  It does not mean that they are spoiled, that they are unlearning or that they are irresponsible.  It means quite the opposite, actually.  In choosing what to assign value to, they are becoming critical thinkers.  They are learning to understand that family members can have different opinions, interests and desires and that is ok.  As a family, we support one another in the pursuit of whatever the interest is.  In this pursuit, they grow.  They are growing as writers, as readers and as artists.  They grow as interesting, unique people -- people I am blessed to be able to spend quality time with!

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