Friday, September 16, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal: September 16th

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
In my life this week....
I am feeling kind of crappy.  I am not sure if it is allergies or a cold but I am congested and sneezing.  I am still tired from my trip and my suitcase is still not unpacked.  I have a load of laundry overflowing in my bedroom and two loads clean that need to be folded and put away.  The grass has not been cut in two weeks and my pool is not closed for the season yet.  
My daughter is on crutches unable to walk and in a great deal of pain since spraining her ankle last Friday.  She had to cancel the nature class she has been looking forward to for six months.  Disappointment is an understatement.
Not every day is easy.  Some days you have tears.  Some days you wish you could just call in sick, crawl into  bed and sleep the day away.  Those are the days you pour yourself another cup of coffee and trudge on.  You give an extra hug, wipe away the tears and make back up plans.

In our homeschool this week...
For now, we are laying low.  We have to rest.  Bodies need to heal.  Some amazing things can happen when you give it up to God and let the learning flow.  We have read poetry.  We have used pressed flowers from our garden to make bookmarks with poems copied in cursive.  We wrote our own poetry: haiku.  I attempted to make my children smile with my version of haiku
Snot a Haiku....
I am sick today.
Mucus flows in shades of green.
Must get better soon.
I am talented, don’t ya think?  The girls illustrated their haikus and began to make a binder for the projects.  This is all part of the Outdoor Creativity Badge for Girl Scouts.  

We have read chapter 2 of Story of the World.  We are beginning a children’s version of Beowulf.  I have printed copies of Runes for us to play around with.  We have been working on review for math; averages, rounding, word problems. 
Grace wrote an essay on the importance of celebrating Veteran’s Day.  She is submitting it to a state-wide contest.  She wrote it about her uncle, a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.  It is beautiful.  Lilah began a new story about a sleep over party and the relationship between two sisters.  This weekend we will be attending a class at the library (not our library) where we will meet a published author of graphic novels who will help the girls illustrate their stories.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing...
Lilah was able to make it to her horseback riding lesson, after having her braces removed.  Grace has discovered that she loves to draw mythical creatures.  She has been drawing every day.  She had a fantastic piano lesson and her Phantom of the Opera piece is coming along nicely.  I can’t wait for Greg to hear it.  It is his favorite Broadway show.  He brought me to it when we were dating.  When the piece is ready, I will share the video.
My favorite thing this week....
Was celebrating Grace’s 11th trip around the sun.

What we’re reading this week...

Yes....I read The Frandidate.  I was curious if the Franny K. Stein books contained any measurable amount of science or if they were purely pleasure reading.  I was blown away by the political satire of this children’s book.  Franny runs for class president.  She quickly realizes that best way to win, is to tell her classmates what they want to hear.  Want more recess....fine.  Want hot dogs for lunch....fine.  Eventually she realizes that this ability to manipulate can be put to better running for The President of The United States.  The ever-mad scientist concocts a “Frankenstein” suit to wear.  It has the ability to sense what people want and shape-shift according to their wants and needs.  It is her second  face.  She is now two-faced.  She thinks it would be a great idea to collect data from the masses on their likes in order to tailor her campaign (can you say Facebook??).  She taps into media and is out of control.  The only thing that pulls her back to reality is the face of her mother.  Her mother wants the truth. Her mother wants her daughter.  Sensing this, the Frandidate morphs back into Franny and the suit is put to better use as a new sofa.  Brilliant book.  Written in 2008.


Grace finished this book that she bought at the Poconoke Discovery Center.  She can't wait to give it to her friend who is an expert of sharks.  It was the first biography that Grace has devoured. I swear there is something to this interest-led learning!


Lilah finished this book..

Lilah began this book...

and begged her father to bring home book 5 so it is ready and waiting for her.  

Questions/Thoughts I have...
Even though this week was certainly not easy, it was a good week.  Not every week can be full of posts and pictures from beautiful locations, filled with smiling children, learning something new remotely.  There is beauty in three people snuggled into couches, tapping out syllables, eager to share our writing with one another. This year I am engaged in the learning process.  I am not the teacher, I am an active participant.  I wrote haiku, I made a bookmark, and I read with my children each night.  I feel very connected to our learning this year.  It feels organic and natural. 

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