Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Washington D.C

What was I thinking scheduling a tag-along business trip immediately following Family Camp????  I am not a super Mama, never proclaimed to be.  But I do love the tag along.  Since Greg was opening a new store at the Pentagon City Mall in Washington, it made sense for him to attend the store set.  Since we were so close we could tag along, get the benefit of a hotel room with a shuttle to the Metro.  

If only we were not so tired....
All we could manage was one day at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  I thought this was very fitting.  Due to Hurricane Irene, our public school friends were beginning school this day.  Last year on the first day of school I took the girls to Manhattan to visit New York’s Museum of Natural History.  The girls and I enjoyed this museum more.  In fact, we spent the entire day there.  
We saw a tarantula feeding and spoke to the Entomologist afterword.  He went to school at Cornell and told us about a fabulous Entomology Festival they have every October.  This is just a bit too far for us to attend in one day, but maybe next year....  We saw the Hope Diamond, learned about it’s history, and imagined what we would look like wearing it!  

Of course we poked around the Egyptian Display.  The mummy was fascinating and I loved the canopic jars.  This museum had something for each of us.  For Grace it had gemstone and rocks and minerals.  For Lilah, the entomology department and for me, it had a fantastic bookstore!  The girls did not ask for stuffed animals or jewelry in the gift store.  They wanted books.  How can you say no?  Grace bought a weather 101 textbook which she reads bit by bit every day and Lilah found a fantastic book on Egypt.  They also put some books on their wish did I!

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