Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Way I Know it is Working

When little big things happen that show you quantifiable learning is taking place, it makes every effort, every struggle, every frustration worth it.
Yesterday the girls and I went out for Prismacolor Markers.  Given the amount of drawing that Lilah has been doing lately, I wanted her to have quality markers.  

Given the price tag of these markers, we needed a coupon!  Sadly, Joanne Fabrics was unable to locate the markers as they are kept in the stock room and Michael's would not offer us their advertisement.  The purchase of the markers would have to wait.  However, while we were there, Grace discovered this gem of a book.....

She has recently discovered that she enjoys (and is quite good at) drawing mythical creatures.
“Mom, Mom....look at this (pointing to the Table of Contents).  It’s the dragon from Beowulf (Anglo-Saxon)! And Grendel!” 
Me: “How cool is that!  I guess we need to finish the book so you can discover the role the dragon has in Beowulf’s story.”
Me again: “Look at this!  It’s Tiamet!!!!  (the dragon from our audiobook Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher)
Both Grace and Lilah:  “Show us, show us!! That is so cool!”
Indeed it is....very, very cool.

Little things Big things like this happen all the time, often when you have no expectations.  It is our assessment, our way of knowing that the dots are being connected and their learning is radiating out into the world around them.  When this happens, I am amazed, inspired, validated and awed.  

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