Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Artist Writer’s Workshop #2

I was hoping that the energy we created last week could be duplicated once again.  Sometimes the kick off to a new program is so great that the follow up session is a let down.  I don’t think this was the case today.  As the children said their goodbyes, there was smiling, laughter, and hugs.  My girls exclaimed that today was “fun”.  I’ll take fun!

I am using the lessons posted at www.artprojectsforkids.org.  This blogger has some great art journaling lessons.  Because this is not a “class” but a workshop, or a writing group, I do not mandate what the project is or what the children will write about.  I knew I was going to use this lesson.  So the day before I emailed the children to find out which animal they would like to write about.  When they arrived, I had instructions for how to draw the animal of their choice.  What they wrote was up to them.  One girl wrote about her three bunnies and how she was the only one in her family to meet one of the rabbits.  Another, the 6 year old student, listed each guinea pig that she cares for in her very own pet sitting business run out of her home.  Grace wrote about Owls and Lilah chose parrots.  We also had bats and penguins that inspired creative thinking.
Because we are not focused so much on product, but rather on process and creating a safe, inviting writing atmosphere, the children choose their medium.  Watercolor, marker, crayon were available.  Next week we may work with tissue paper and glue......
Here is how our workshop looked...

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