Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Artist/Writer's Workshop Session #3

I adore our artist/writer’s workshop.  Last week we did not meet due to some of the girls traveling and others battling illness.  Thankfully this week the six girls came together to write about how they feel on a rainy day.  

All that beautiful space under the umbrellas was just meant for words.  Lots of wonderfully descriptive sentences and phrases describing rainy day activities like jumping in puddles wearing rain boots or getting drenched while running around the block.  
Some girls saw this project in a different way.  To them, the words should be "raining" down on the umbrellas.

At one point during our 90 minute session there was complete silence.  The girls were so completely absorbed in what they were doing, all your could hear was the scratching of sharpie pens against paper and gentle breathing.  It was pure magic.  

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