Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Artist/Writer's Workshop

One of my girl’s wishes for this term was to incorporate more friends into their learning.  We have been able to accomplish this through co-op, horseback riding and Girl Scouts, but they wanted more, since as Lilah often says, “everything is better with friends.”
Thus, my little Artist/Writer’s Workshop was born. The mission of our writing group is to combine art (many of the art lessons are found at art projects for kids) and writing, in a journaling format.  Like I told the girls, there is no right, there is no wrong. We are a group of friends who can learn from each other.
We created abstract self-portraits.

Wonder why there are three eyes?  Well....one little writer said she needed “more than 2 eyes to see everything around her”.  Powerful words.  

After the portraits were done to their liking, the girls wrote.  They wrote about what makes them unique.  Some girls like chocolate.  Others wrote about being on a gymnastics team.  Some wrote straight across the page, others, like Lilah, felt free to be a bit crazy with their writing.  In this group, we heralded each other’s uniqueness.  Spelling did not hold us back (our group ranges in age from 6 to 11).  We had a word wall to refer to for those hard to spell words like favorite and freckles. The girls were inspired by the comments made.  There were statements of “Oooh!  I just thought of something!” and “That is really nice.”

It was really nice.  While the girls worked, my new favorite cd, Three Sheets, was filling the kitchen with the sounds of Assateague.  The mom’s stayed in my living room sipping peppermint and berry tea.  The littlest among us was happily entertained by Grace who floated in and out of her writing while she spent time with her favorite little man.

The energy was palpable.  The girls connected over writing.  It was not about finished products or outcomes.  It was about gathering a group of girls who are empowered to write.  Hopefully small steps will lead to larger ones.   I hope the girls enjoyed it as much as I did.  Perhaps this is something that can continue on as these girls grow as writers....

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Lulu said...

Wow! I love these! I think this would be a great activity for my high school creative writing class. Love the visual =)

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