Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Everything Is Better With Friends!

New Haven Day!  Like Lilah said yesterday, “Everything is better with friends!”  We began our adventure at the Yale Art Gallery, which has enough pictures and statues of naked men and women to keep little children in fits of giggles over and over again.  I think the man who was obviously paged the moment we walked in the door to chaperon us was quite horrified that this group of children disturbed the peace and tranquility of the gallery.  After all...shouldn’t they be in school???

                                                                                             I longed to have these pieces in my home.

The sculpture garden looked into the buildings of the Yale Campus.  In fact, the whole area surrounding this part of New Haven is part of the Yale Campus. It feels like a mini-New York City in our own backyard.  

While walking to an early dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant, we spotted some Monks sight seeing.  To be discreet, I pretended to snap another picture of our kids.  See the orange robes?  Monks.  Cool.
Then more coolness. Indian Food!  This is one area that I am not well versed in.  My girls have never been adventurous with food.  We don’t do sushi, heck, we barely do Chinese!  I had a moment at the table across from Grace whose face was turning beet red from the spicy eggplant in her noodle bowl with sesame peanut sauce.  It was supposed to be mild but clearly it was not.  We did some switching and blending and creating and came up with a meal that she enjoyed.  Lilah ate very little but she did not complain.  Me on the other hand, ate just about every bite of Grace’s noodle bowl, and the yummy other things that Kim ordered for us.  Next up on our tour of world cuisine, Thai food!

Our last stop of the day brought up to the Yale Bookstore where we spent at least an hour in the children’s department.  Books books and more books.  I love that my girls spend their fun money on books. Lilah came home with three more that she just can’t wait to begin!

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