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Homeschool Mother's Journal: Week of October 24th

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

The post with no pictures!

In My Home This Week: We have been having some growing pains.  Growing up pains.  In our coop, the girls are dealing with having a teacher who they feel is not a good fit for them.  I have to laugh when people site the stereotype that homeschool kids are not prepared for real life.  They are.  They are dealing with real life issues every single day.  I told my daughter I support her reasons to drop the class but she cannot simply walk away.  She must tell the teacher her reasons for dropping, either in writing or in person.  I will help her organize her thoughts, but she must be the one to initiate the conversation.  Then if she wants to sit with me during the time she would be in class, she has my blessing.  Part of participating in a coop is having the opportunity to work with several different adults.  Some are great fits and serve as teachers, mentors, role models.  Others, not so much!  But that is okay.  It is important to know who you want to work with, as it will help the children identify what type learning/working style fits them best.
We are also struggling with the desire to take a trip versus the fear of not wanting to fly.  Greg has a position that will take him to several domestic locations this year.  It was a goal of mine to travel as much as possible with him.  The next trip involves a plane ride.  Both my girls want to take this trip as it will give them the chance to see two different friends, but they said the would rather stay home then fly.  What to do?  Push them past their fear, or accept it?  I am not a great flyer.  I have not traveled extensively and will always choose driving over flying.  But we would miss out on great things if we never challenged ourselves past the point of comfort.   Greg and I decided to book the trip and help the girls the best we can.  They are excited, but nervous.  More roadschooling blog posts will be coming soon!
In My Homeschool This Week:  Things are progressing the best they can given the fact that we are so seldom home!  We have listened to Spanish in the car.  We have finished Absolutely Normal Chaos (in the car).  Grace is working on the month of March for her sports store and Lilah is finishing up February.  
We are reading chapter 4 of SOTW: Constantinople.  Of course we had to watch a very old MTV video of a live recording of They Might Be Giant’s Istanbul not Constantinople.  Then we got very into learning about the Hagia Sofia.  Several youtube videos were watched.  Many questions were raised.  Did you happen to catch the last few posts over at Frog Creek?  Yup.  Turkish Grandparents are visiting for a month!  They are lovely and I was blessed to spend the afternoon with them this week.  I dined on heavenly soup, a red lentil finger food that I could have eaten the entire plate of, and a sweet dessert dish that included nuts and Farina.  Kim took out her photo album and showed me photos from the inside of the Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque.  I was most amazed by the hotel her family stayed at in 2008 in Cappadocia, Turkey.  Even though I am not a great traveler and I do not have the wanderlust gene, I would love to visit this country with my children.  Many of my friends travel the world with their children.  They are giving them the gift of a world view.  
What We Are Reading This Week: I am reading nothing.  I have been knitting.  Nothing special, just a scarf for the girls made from some remnant yarn left over from a project last year.  


Places We’re Going and People We’re Seeing: Our writing group met for the third time Monday.  This was planned as a 5 week class.  Because we all are enjoying it so much, we have decided to extend our group indefinitely.  Rather than meeting every week, we will meet every other week.  I would like to keep going with my girls every week as their sketchbooks are filling up with gorgeous entries.  I would like to take this one step further and have them pull pieces out of their sketchbooks and develop them into larger pieces of writing.    I am looking forward to the break that will come with our classes soon.  Coop will stop for six weeks beginning the week of Thanksgiving.  Although I love coop, having the day at home will be like getting a gift every week.  Meteorology will end that week also.  Unfortunately we will not be continuing on for the spring semester.  Although Grace has had a good experience, she has not learned one new weather related concept.  Horseback riding will end until spring.  We will be able to spend the winter in the cozy comfort of our home.
Thoughts I am Pondering: I have been thinking how much my blog has changed over the years.  I looked back over the posts from early 2010 and how my focus has shifted from how to homeschool, how we would homeschool, what I thought about homeschooling, to learning about new lifestyle choices that I came to understand through homeschooling, and to the place where I am now, which is simply enjoying our life, our friends, and our family.  I no longer check my stats. I have no idea how many views I have had in October.  I know who my regular followers are, even the ones that don’t comment but read every single post (thanks Aunt, Dad and Kris and Greg).  I am comfortable in the place I am.  I am blogging for me.  I blog for my children.  Recently I asked them if they wanted me to stop blogging, to stop sharing our family on the Internet, or if they would prefer to have a private blog that followers would need to be invited to view.  They asked me to keep blogging and said they are happy with what I am blogging about.  I still blog for my family.  Even though they don’t all agree with our choice to homeschool, I know that if I share what we are up to, they can see the learning that takes place and the amazing opportunities the girls have in their lives.  Hopefully one day they will come around.....

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