Monday, October 3, 2011

A Very Late Homeschool Mother's Journal: September 30, 2011

In My Life This Week:  At this moment I am reflecting on my friend Mary’s latest post and her quote, “This is no longer an educational choice for us; this is our WAY OF LIFE.   This is our COMMITMENT TO OUR CHILDREN and a way we ACTIVELY LIVE OUR FAITH.” This is exactly how I feel.  When we began homeschooling almost two years ago now, it was not about our family.  It was about healing my daughter and giving her an alternative choice for her education.  Now, two calendar years later, and into our third school year, it is no longer just about education, it is a way of life.  Math, reading, history, science, are all important.  They are all vital to helping my girls achieve their life goals.  However, equally important is learning to live in a way that compliments our faith, our morals, our values.  I have come to realize that not everyone in my life will understand this or support it no matter how hard I try to blog and share our accomplishments and the many many ways my children are thriving.  They were the reasons that I poured my heart and soul into my blog ~ to give them the opportunity to experience what we were experiencing.  I honestly thought that if they could see it, how could they not share in the joy?  Greg and I are strong in our commitment to each other, to our family, and to this way of life.  I know when I pray alone at night, I have to the best of my ability, given my all for the good of my family.
In Our Homeschool This Week:  Some fun things happened during the week.  Lilah learned to skype.  The reason for this was so she could help her friends work through a video game the are both playing story or bakery story, I forget which.  

Grace learned about Disney World during math.  She was practicing averages using some large numbers, the actual numbers from the products that Disney World uses in a month.  She was so intrigued by this that she Netflixed a documentary about the behind the scenes management of Disney World.  Of course, now she wants to go more than ever!
Grace built a catapult in co-op.  She had her first meteorology class at the university and she learned about screech owls in the Two Coyotes event she attended Thursday night.
Lilah had so much fun experimenting with her science kit.  Two girls left on their own with access to baking soda and vinegar will come up with all kinds of fun.  In coop she is working on her newspaper submissions and spent time practicing how to draw body parts, especially eyes.  Every time I see her she has her nose deep in a book.  Not only did she finish two books this week, I partnered with her to read one, This Bites.  I was a bit afraid my 9 year old was reading a pre-teen Twilight, but that was not the case.  Although this book does have vampire characters, it is a story about friendship, family and finding that you do not need superpowers to do super things.
Places We’re Going and People We’re Seeing:  It was a busy week.  The girls had their dog walking job, four playdates (which I am no longer allowed to call a playdate, apparently they are too old for that term).  They had 4 “hangouts”.  Coop, Meteorology, Two Coyotes, an orthodontist appointment, a trip to the movies to see Dolphin Tale (you must go), dinner at a friends, church, religious ed, and dinner at their Grandparent’s house.
What We Are Reading This Week:  
Grace is working on finishing some of her books in progress.  Right now she is juggling 4.  Her personal goal is to finish Diary of A Wimpy Kid by Tuesday and we should be able to finish Spiderwick #3, the book she is reading aloud to me, by the end of the week.
Lilah finished This Bites and Dead End and is now reading Her Evil Twin and finishing up Spiderwick #5.
I read an essay by Mark Bittman about how the simple choice and act of cooking will transform your life.  Then on a recommendation from Theresa, I downloaded Then Came You, by Jennifer Weiner.  Don’t download this at 9:00, I feel asleep at 10:00 with the Nook on my lap and it was not long enough.  Because I am frantically trying to finish my nephew’s blanket for his birthday party Saturday, most of my time will be devoted to knitting and I am going to have to leave this story hanging for awhile....
Questions/Thoughts I Have:  This upcoming week (week of October 3) is filled to the brim with excitement.  My Artist/Writer’s Workshop, that I am running, begins Monday!  Six girls ranging in ages from 6 to 11 will be working on an abstract self-portrait and combining it with journaling about what makes them unique.  Pictures will follow soon!  
We also have a trip to New Haven planned to visit an art museum and have lunch in a bookstore that I have never been to.  I told the girls to get their birthday money ready.  They may want to do some shopping...
We also kick off our new year of Girl Scouts.  I am so proud my girls will be able to present a badge project at their first class.  I have loads of sewing to do to attach all the patches from our summer adventures to their vests...
To round out the week, we will have our months book talk at my favorite library.  This is a good thing, because those books I checked out a month ago?  Well.. let’s say they are collecting some fines as I write....
Picture/Video to Share:
Grace’s piano lessons are a highlight of our week.  I have to charge the flip.  Using my laptop as a video recorder just is not working for me. (turn down your volume to hear the video more clearly)

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