Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

If you were headed North out of Illinois and into Wisconsin and saw this sign.....

...wouldn't you stop?

this is the "my sister is a cheesehead" look...

All Greg and I could think of was "cheese curds".  We fell in love with these treats while visiting a dairy farm in Tennessee this summer.  These were not quite as good but then again the ones we had in TN could not possibly have been any fresher having come out of the curd bin minutes before they were popped into our mouths!

Milwaukee!  When we get home, we will put a star on Wisconsin.  Our goal is to see how many states we can fill with stars.  

If ever you are in Wisconsin and want to spend a fabulous day, check out Cedarburg.  The purpose of our visit was to spend time with Greg's Aunt and Uncle.  Since Greg's cousin lives in Boston, his Aunt and Uncle have made many trips East over the past few years and on most trips they pass through Connecticut and go out of their way to visit with us.  They remind me a bit of my Aunt and Uncle in Massachusetts.  I enjoy spending time in their company.

Cedarburg is a historic town built along the banks of a river.  It is filled with quaint mom and pop shops carrying items from free trade artwork to handmade textiles.  There are bakeries, ice cream shoppes, toy stores, jewelry stores, book stores and bed and breakfasts.  It is the place you want to wander through, popping into each store to browse the shelves, become inspired by the art, be soothed by the aromas and be surrounded by a very strong sense of community.  

After we spend some time touring downtown, we headed about 15 minutes away to meet Greg's cousin's family for the first time.  The girls immediately hit it off with their "new" cousins and had a fantastic time scootering in the basement and playing the baby grand piano.  We shared some cake and ice cream which was served with a touching "Happy Birthday"... sung to me!  I was honored.  Before we departed for our two hour drive back to Chicago, Greg's cousin's 6 year old son, gathered everyone together and took a group photograph with the camera he was just given.  Greg and I were moved by his dedication to the role of photographer and did not take a picture of our own because this was so clearly his moment.  If he emails me the picture, I would be most appreciative!

It was a day that will last in our memory and live in our hearts.  

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