Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Part 2: Artist/Writer's Workshop

As soon as The Second Annual Great Park Clean up was complete, we had to rush home to prepare for our writing group.  I was soooooo excited to meet with these children on Halloween.  To prepare for the artwork portion of our session, I found a great set of 36 gel pens on sale at Staples for $10.  These look beautiful against black card stock paper.  
Before we began, we watched a BrainPop video about the history of Halloween.  It was brilliant because it talks about its Celtic origins (which we just studied in History) and explains how Mischief Night came about.  I could literally see Grace’s face light up.  The understanding replaced a little bit of the fear.  We learned about why pumpkins are carved, why we bob for apples, why All Saint’s Day and All Souls Day replaced the pagan rituals and that Halloween means night before Saint’s Day.  Right now we have the free trial of Brain Pop but I am going to subscribe to it when our trial ends.  
After our video viewing, we began our artwork.  This project is very detailed.  Some children did not finish.  I explained that journaling is a process.  Sometimes an entry can take days. It is better to take your time and stop, than to rush and have work that you are not proud of.   I will be sure to allow ample time for writing next week for those children who do not work on this at home.  

Here are our Día de los Muertos-inspired skulls.  Gorgeous, aren't they??

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