Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Part 3: The Dinner

The freak October snow storm seriously screwed up many people’s Halloween plans.  Many of my friends and family are still without power.  Due to downed power lines many towns postponed Halloween.  Thankfully we had power and our Halloween was not postponed.  Our writing group friends continued the celebration by staying for dinner.  Two more families joined us.
9 adults, 12 children in my house.  

Can I tell you how much I love that?  In this month of gratitude, I am so grateful when my house is filled with joy and laughter and love.  Cooking with friends is something I have never had the pleasure to do before.  Dinner parties were always something we attended, and the dinner was already prepared.  There is something wholesome about men and women sharing a kitchen, sharing the space, and sharing their talents.  One friend helped with the table, another made the best roasted butternut squash I have ever tasted after rummaging through my cabinets for olive oil and salt, another brought her famous mashed potatoes but whipped them into their deliciousness with my avocado masher!  Beer, wine and apple cider were poured and toasted with the clinking of glasses and bottles.  I would have been perfectly content to sit and talk and laugh for hours.  But the constantly ringing doorbell reminded us of why it was that we gathered....that, and children saying over and over “can we get ready yet?”

So out came the costumes, the makeup, the treat bags and on went the coats and scarves and boots.  Out we went to celebrate this magical night of Halloween.

We roamed the neighborhood collecting our treats and giving our thanks before rushing ahead to the next house, the next treat and the next encounter with fellow ghosts and goblins.  For well over an hour we walked, the legs of the littlest one among us rarely tiring.  We kissed scraped knees, carried heavy bags and enjoyed in the revelry.  

When the night came to a close, we gathered back at my house, for another round of left over brie and wine and scraped the last remnants of the mashed potatoes from the bowl.  The children settled in front of the fire for the customary great candy swap.  I am not sure how many candies were swapped but I can gather from the amount of wrappers left behind how many were eaten! 

By the time the kitchen was put back in order, thanks in large part to my dear friend, and the children were showered, with clean teeth and pajamas, it was late.  Very late.  Close to midnight late.  This Mama went be bed very tired, but very, very content.

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