Monday, November 14, 2011

Lincoln Square, Chicago

One of the best parts of traveling is learning how to navigate around an unfamiliar city.  We can check off the subway systems of New York, Washington DC and now Chicago.  Not too long ago when we were in DC, the girls were very nervous about using the Metro System.  They were not confident we would find our way.  I reassured them that we can follow a map and figure it out...and we did!  
Today I actually had apprehension about taking the "L" to the Lincoln Square neighborhood.  The ticket machines do not give change, the children's pass needs to be validated by a CTA employee, and we needed to transfer lines from the red to the brown.  Unlike our last trip, this time my girls had no anxiety.  They read the map, found our stops, and confirmed we were headed in the correct direction.

As it turned out, the ride was easier than I expected and the end stop was soooo worth it.  We spent the day with our friends who relocated to Chicago late this summer.  Their neighborhood was pretty awesome.  It is filled with ethnic restaurants, consignment shops, book stores, toy stores, and the like.  Another place where I could wandered from cafe to boutique all day.

The girls had a fantastic time.  When we were making plans to meet, we discussed meeting at the Field Museum of Natural History.  I thought it would be cool to visit three of the major Natural History Museums.  My girls thought otherwise.  They just wanted time to visit and play.  They were right. This is just what we needed.  A cup of tea, a cozy home, the laughter of a house full of girls, some window shopping.  The absolute perfect way to end our trip.

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