Friday, November 11, 2011

Road Schooling Chicago

Technically it is hard to call this day a road "schooling" day because not much schooling was done.  Especially when you alarm clock wakes you at 3:30am!  
At 4:30 the driver picked us up.  It is so nice to tag along with Daddy on his business trips!
By 6:00 we were dropped off at LaGuardia and by 7:30 we were sitting on the plane.

We took a tour of Greg's neighborhood from back in the day.  He grew up in the Midway Airport section of Chicago and moved to Connecticut at 12, when his Dad relocated the family.  We saw his home, the alleys where he used to play cops and robbers, his elementary school, and the parks where he used to play.  We saw his church and ate lunch at a little diner his family used to go to after church.  We learned that he and his Dad used to ride bikes around the Midway Airport, and that it is a mile on each side.  Back then there were no fences and very little security so he could see and feel the planes departing and arriving right over his head!  For a long time he wanted to become a pilot.....

When we arrived at our hotel in Downtown Chicago (again, thanks Greg, the hotel is lovely) we walked along Michigan Avenue to Watertower Place, where his store will be opening soon. I was amazed by how many people were on corners asking for money.  It seemed like many more than usual, but Greg said it is the same in New York these days....

We played with Legos...

We did get some reading in at American Girl.  Sadly, my girls are outgrowing this store that they spent so much time in as little girls.  They each have dolls, matching dresses, matching nightgowns, matching crutches, matching get the picture!  We could not pass by the original without stopping in.

Some obligatory landmark photographs!

When we were walking by the Watertower, we happened upon a photo shoot in progress.  Greg grabbed the camera and played "photographer"!

First of does a 9 year old get so much 'tude?  Really Dude.  Lose the 'tude.

Thankfully she lost the 'tude!!

I think we just needed some food!  Giordano's welcomed us. 

We ended our day at 7:30p.m., sixteen hours after it began.   Since we have no real plans for our long weekend, we will see where tomorrow's day will take us.  Greg will be working, so it will be the three of us loose in Chicago!

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