Saturday, November 12, 2011

Road Schooling - Navy Pier

I don't think this Mama could possibly have been any more tired today.  After Greg left for work, I fell back into a very deep sleep.  I woke groggy and cranky.  Unfortunately crankiness is contagious.   As a result, we three girls got a very late start.  After walking a mile or more to find a bakery that was literally right.around.the.corner, we discovered the water taxi.  For the cost of a taxi ride in NYC, we traveled the waterway to the Sears, Willis Tower, back to Michigan Ave, and finally, to Navy Pier.  

We spent three hours walking the Pier.  

We watched a charming marionette show.

The girls had their very first caricature drawing.

They spent their own money on some souvenir pictures.

It is amazing how a bit of fresh air, laughter and love can chase away a bad mood.

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