Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Creative energy has been flowing through me these days.  I have no reason for it other than when we were home last week due to most of our activities being cancelled from the crazy October Nor’Easter, we had time to be creative!  The girls both began notebooks, Lilah on insects and Grace on her weather text book.  

I also began something....a Family Gratitude Journal.  This is something I am very excited about.  I wanted a place where the four of us could jot down a sentence, a phrase or even just a word that would be a lasting reminder of what we were thankful for that day.

I purchased a small sketchbook for $5 at Barnes & Noble. I found a quote I love by Mother Teresa.

We began. After the writing was complete, I painted, and doodled, cut and pasted.

Then Lilah picked it up and surprised me with her design.

I found beautiful illustrations from this month’s Natural Awakenings Magazine and knew I would be adding them to the journal.

When I have time and energy, I sit and make the journal beautiful.  I love reading it.  I love that Lilah and Grace are thankful for the people in their lives.  Greg and I seem to write about the little things that matter to us, like my morning cup of coffee or his favorite jasmine rice I made for him one night. I hope that this is the start of not just a November tradition, but a family tradition that goes on and on and on.

These are the gratitude inspired journal entries from this week’s Artist/Writer’s Workshop session!

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