Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

A tradition in our home began on Black Friday last year.  Black Friday requires planning.  An itinerary must be made.  Deals must be sought out.  

Snuck in were a few quick lessons about marketing.  Why do stores show you low price points?  Do they really want you to walk out buying the least expensive item?  If an item is buy one get one free, how much is each item discounted?  If it is buy one, get one half off, how much is each item discounted?  

Thanksgiving morning.  The sale pages.  Coffee.  Dogs curled on my lap.  Children fresh out of bed excited to plan their outing with Dad.

After a stop over to visit with Greg's brother and his family, we headed to my sister's for dinner.  My sister has hosted Thanksgiving for several years.  It involves a huge turkey, wine, loads of veggies and presents.  My nephew and I have birthdays two days apart.  We always celebrate on Thanksgiving.  

My birthday cake.  Don't you love Lady Gaga?  A co-worker of Greg's gave it to us.   I think she looks fabulous.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 

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