Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Reprise

I can’t remember when it began, it was so unplanned, just a gathering of friends on a Friday night.  Was it at my house?  I am not sure.  I think not.  Probably at the house down by the river where you can sit and watch the waves roll by.  Or maybe the house on the hill with the gorgeous deck where we sit and watch our girls swim...... The place is irrelevant really.  What matters is that the simple question “want to come over for dinner?” turned into a Friday ritual...well...maybe not ritual..but a tradition.  A gathering of friends around a meal that happens at least one Friday a month.  This is our form of tradition.

Through this I have come to understand the bonding experience that shared cooking creates.  I adore being in a kitchen with these women, my friends.  I love each of us taking a part, whether it is frying the eggplant, whipping the potatoes, making authentic Mexican rice or simply showing up with beer and wine!  We drink, we cook, we talk, we share.  We much on guacamole and chips, or oysters and cheese.  We break out our canned salsa and homemade hummus.  We have a giant buffet of goodness that our children have come to expect and look forward to.

This weekend was no exception.  Except that we did it on a larger scale.  There was still the oysters and cheese, the hummus and chips, the guacamole and salsa, but there was salt cured ham, and turkey and sweet potatoes and squash.  There were mashed potatoes and green beans and gravy.  There were centerpieces created by our children.  There were 12 people gathered around a table sharing in friendship, food and family.  

This Thanksgiving, I gave thanks for my friends.  These beautiful people who I met two years ago.  These people that I feel I have known my entire life.

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