Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

There are few things in life you can count on as absolutes.  Yet, every Christmas we know that there will be at least one child spending Christmas Eve in our bed, too excited to allow her tired body the rest is so needs.  I wonder when she is 16, will she still snuggle in with us? There will be cinnamon rolls for breakfast and coffee made before any presents are opened.  Our day will start at 6:30 and there is no need for an alarm.  The presents we give each other will always be the favorites.  These things I know for sure.

There will be joy on this child’s face.  This child loves holidays, with Christmas being her favorite.  This child prepares.  She spends the weeks leading up to Christmas making handmade cards, gift for her dolls, gifts for her friends and family.  She finds joy in lighting candles, wrapping presents, and watching other open the gifts she carefully selects.  Nothing makes me happier than watching this child enjoy Christmas.

This child feels.  She feels the joy in the season and she is aware of the sadness.  She understands that she is blessed and feels for others who may not have the same opportunities as she.  She looks at her new things and is willing to part with her old things so that they may be rehomed, given away to others who need them more.  This is the child that along with her sister, spent her own money to help fill the Toys For Tots bin at her father’s office building.  This is the child who asks how we can help.  This child will grow up and use that character trait for great things.  I just know it.

This is the Dad that we adore.  He is our rock.  He sacrifices for his girls.  He is away from us for many hours at a time.  But when he walks through the door, he is all ours.  He never brings his work home with him.  His office issues stay at the office and he devotes 100% of himself to his girls.  He is the kind of Dad that plays.  Uno, Clue, Legos, Wii, he hardly ever says no.  He has given the girls countess memories of quality time spent with their Dad.

I am the Mom who tries her best to pull it all together.  I am the one who makes sure their clothes are clean for Christmas Eve mass and beams with pride at her daughter on the alter.  I am the Mom who sits back and takes it all in, this family of mine, as we celebrate a very special birth.  I hold onto the joy and the love and the peace and the harmony.  I hold it very deep within my heart.   We are blessed.

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