Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookie Day!

As children grow and mature it can be harder to hold on to the traditions that began when they were just infants.  This has been especially true this year.  My nieces who were once flower girls at my wedding are now in college.   My nephews play winter sports.  Finding the time to get together on a weekend is pretty close to impossible.  But we try.  Before my girls were born, my sister-in-law began a tradition of cookie day.  
Cookie Day became something my girls look forward to every year.  Peanut Butter balls dipped in melted chocolate, Gram’s famous butter cookies, and fruit cups are what my girls chose to bake this year.  Thankfully both my girls and their Aunt were willing to roll with the changes that growing up can bring.  It was a much smaller event this year.  Their 9 year old cousin came over to bake and ended up spending the night.  Our traditional cookie day of 9 kids has been reduced to just 3 but the holiday spirit of this day has not changed.

My girls no longer need much guidance in the kitchen.  They learn that if they make a nut cup too large it will not cook right.  They know if they roll the butter dough too thin, it will burn.  They have learned this through trial and error over the years.  

The result of their efforts are cookies for us to eat and share.  A platter was hand delivered to our neighbors next door who kindly look upon my girls as their surrogate great grandchildren.  Another platter was brought to dinner at their Grandmother’s house.  Some went home with their cousin.  My girls are like little mice.  Every time I open the refrigerator door, I notice one more peanut butter ball has disappeared.  The mice.  It must be the mice.

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