Sunday, December 11, 2011


When the girls were younger we would craft all the time.  One December back around 2004, I saved the calendar detailing each playdate and what the project was.  My next door neighbor and I had matching wreaths made from spray painted paint stirrers and glued on Hershey Kisses.  I loved driving by our homes every day, seeing our doors and knowing that memories were made in the making of those wreaths.  

Now life is so crazy busy.  Crafting is not something we do often anymore.  It is a shame since Lilah loves it so much.  I am very grateful that we were invited to our friend’s lovely home for the first time to spend the day crafting.  They generously offered their supplies to us, to be used in any way imaginable.  
We hole punched.

Model magic’d.


Gift card created.

Die cut.

And of course, glittered.

New friends, old friends.  Good friends.  A perfect holiday day.

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