Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth

Connections.  Life is full of them.  Have you ever stopped to consider how interrelated the events that occur are?  I do.  Often.  
Yesterday I wrote about the library visit we made to meet and hear M.J Allaire speak about her fantasy series The Dragon Chronicles.  Right before I posted, we had a visit from the girls’ Aunt, for a “Management Meeting” regarding their stores.  It was a math-filled morning.  Lilah worked for 2 hours, one hour with me and one with her Aunt.  I am back to believing that we can and will finish this book by my original target date of Jan. 1st.  
Aunt gave the girls a gift.  She presented them with a signed book, Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth.  She knows the author, Rich DiGirolamo.  He is a motivational speaker and wrote this book from the perspective of a very content, motivated, appreciated employee.  In a diary format, the employee shares weekly recounts of what makes her company so desirable.  The reader can glean new ways of managing, showing employee appreciation and creating a positive work environment.  Aunt thought the girls might enjoy it since it shows a different side to their math work.  

Running a business is about profit for sure.  But running a business well, well, that is something more.  A business cannot run itself.  Having a staff of people who care about their job will ensure that they do their job well.  
I read the book in one sitting.  I was pondering what the girls, who are 9 and 11, will learn from this.  They are too young to take on the perspective of an employee.  But... if I can relate it to their dog walking job, then they can understand what it is about working and earning money that is satisfying.  Then perhaps they can apply that to a larger scale, even though they have never seen the inner workings of an office.
This was a very cool gift.  Especially since Mr. DiGirolamo took the time to personalize each book.  This will be something that the girls will have and may re-read at different stages of their lives.  They will know that they are surrounded by adults who are invested in their success as learners, and in their development into young ladies.

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