Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Fortune

Friends.  This past year we have been blessed to develop deep friendships with some amazing families.  These are children you want to have hanging out with your children.  These are children you have to invite to stay for dinner because the play time is just not long enough.  
Last night Lilah had one of those friends over.  Give these girls free access to anything in the kitchen and wonder never ceases.  (to clarify....if the past if I have organic flour, this would not have been allowed and I did ask them not to use the organic eggs. But since this is plain old flour, they could go wild!)

Flour, baking powder, food coloring, water, sugar.  I’m sure there were a few more ingredients but I was not in the kitchen while they were concocting (other than to snap a photo or two..)

They made beautiful play dough.  
But before it turned into the doughy consistency, it was mostly bright red and liquid....the perfect color and consistency for fake blood. Remember, this is the girl who enjoyed making fake poo out of mud and leaving it around the sidewalk to fake out those passing by.  

She totally faked out her Dad and sister with a story about a fall off her pogo stick.  
After we all sat down to a lovely meal, we were treated to handmade “future fortune” cookies.  What a perfect way to end the day!

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