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Homeschool Mother's Journal: Week of November 28th

The Homeschool Mother's Journal 
In our Home this Week:  This was our last crazy busy week! I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can breathe a bit easier now.  In order to get to this place, I have had to make some impossible feats possible.  A few years ago, I remember having a conversation with Greg about how I envisioned my family when we had teens.  I told him I did not want to be one of those families constantly running from soccer to baseball to basketball, passing each other on the highway, and never sitting across from one another at the table.  Now I can see how families get in this position.  We run so much during the week, that I often say no to things on the weekend in order to honor our only time as a family.  I took a close look at my calendar and realized that the fall was a time for lessons and activities.  The winter is going to be a time for staying home and digging in to some bookwork.  I am very excited to spend some time on the projects we have going on at home like:
  • Lilah’s lapbook about mosquitoes.
  • Grace’s notebook about weather.
  • A new Girl Scout Badge.
  • Finishing our Business Math series and beginning new programs for both girls.
  • Watching many documentaries I have in queue on Netflix that pertain to what we have learned this fall.
  • Giving my girls time to cook and bake.
This week was also my birthday!  The big 4-0!  Not as hard as thirty.  That birthday was a struggle for me.  This one was easy.  I just have to overlook the silver hairs (a gift of heredity from my mother) and the laugh lines (a gift from my girls). Those were NOT there at thirty!  
I did give myself one big gift.  Something I have wanted since I was twelve and I saw a picture in a National Geographic Magazine at my Grandmother’s house.  I thought it was a cover, and I have searched through every cover online and sadly, it is not a cover.  

Photo Credit:
The picture was something like this.  I remember being moved by the culture, the color, the history of a place I knew nothing about.  I also remember wanting, or wishing, that our country had the kind of traditions and customs that I would see while flipping through the pages of NatGeo.  Years later, I ended up with a degree in International Business, thinking that I would travel to these places and see first hand the monuments, faces and traditions of those I would read of.  I never did travel, and since then I have lost most of the desire to travel but I still do dream of a culture steeped in culture and tradition.  Ours is simply too new still.
Ta Da!
In Our Homeschool This Week:  As I mentioned above, it has been a crazy week.  We have worked on some math and set up our next time with Aunt for a “business conference”.  I have also begun tutoring a 7th grade student for math.  I purchased the Key To Fractions books for him and I have to say, I am itching to start this with Grace as soon as she finishes her Sports Store Math.
We have read another chapter in Story of the World about India.  I have decided to incorporate some narration into our history.  Narration is a good way of committing information to memory.  First you hear it, then you write it, then you read it.   It serves as a summary of our reading and it begins to prepare the girls for note taking skills.
Lilah had an amazing Destination Imagination meeting.  They are working on instant challenges, as their first competition is at the end of January.  Even thought this team is not focused on the competition part of DI, Lilah is!  She is in it to win it!
Friday we visited a new library and met up with a large group of homeschoolers that we have never met before.  A homeschooling group north of us hosted a Gross Revolutionary War facts class as well as a author visit.  I am going to write more about this during the week.  I was very moved by the author visit.  It has been my goal to take the girls to every possible author visit.  I love to hear different authors speak about their inspiration, their routine, their process and how they came to write.
Grace ended her 12 week Meteorology class at Western Connecticut State College.  I was hoping for a certificate or something to place in her portfolio but one was not given.  I will write to the Director of the Program asking for a moment of his time to write something on Grace’s behalf.  As a homeschooling student, it is vital to keep records of special programs they participate in.  It is their “transcript”.
What We Are Reading:
I finished up The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly.  I enjoyed her YA book Revolution much more. This book captivated me until about 3/4 in, where I found it predictable and worst yet, unbelievable.  I found myself wanting it to end.  
Grace: still plugging away at some unfinished books

Thoughts I am Pondering:  How to make these posts shorter!  
Video To Share:  This is a video I posted earlier this week on my blog of my daughter demonstrating her Rube Goldberg inspired physics project.  This was the result of a team of three children working approximately 15 hours during and outside of their coop class.  Each team has their video posted on youtube and they are competing for the most views.   I am shamelessly plugging for her team!  

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