Friday, December 16, 2011

A Month of Movies....

This is what we have been listening to/viewing so far this month.

1 - Hallelujah Handel is available on iTunes for purchase.  We listened to it during our last ride to co-op before break.  It has inspired us to take out biographies of Handel from the library and to find a documentary on his life.  I am curious how many of the details in the story line are factual. 
The cover of our local events section of the Sunday newspaper was a full page article on Handel’s Messiah.  I showed it to the girls.  This is education.  Being an educated person means that you have connections to many things.  You will not be an expert on every topic but you should have a cursory knowledge of many many topics, historical figures, literary topics, current events, etc. so that you can not only be aware, but be fulfilled as a person.
2 - Christmas on Division Street.  Christine at Interest Led Learning inspired me to find Christmas movies that are not the typical find on ABC at 8pm ones.  The girls and I searched Netflix and I had to balance their requests (see number 4) with mine!  I enjoyed this movie.  It brought tears to my eyes and made me count my blessings again.  It also reminded me again not to judge.  Everyone has a story.  You don’t know their story from simply looking at them.
3 -  This is a fabulous site filled with short stories, chapters from long novels, known stories and fables, and unknown ones.  One day last week while the girls were working on Sculpey Clay creations, I showed them the list of choices.  They chose: Colin’s Grumpy Christmas, The Elves and the Shoemaker and their favorite of the three....The Girl Who Missed Christmas.
4.  The girl’s choice.  Not mine, although I have to say I did not hate it.


5. Another choice of the girls.  Not my favorite.

6. How am I 40 years old and I have never seen this classic?  I loved it.  The girls had mixed reactions to it.  

7.  The full, 2 hour, Philadephia Symphony's 2007 production of Handel's Messiah.  I found this on NPR and allowed the girls to play quietly on their itouch while listening.  At one point I went to turn it off and they pleaded with me to let them listen to more.  Cynically I know they could have been scamming a way to play on their itouch, but they were singing and humming along, so I know they were listening.  They really want to go to a live performance but we came across this too late in the season.  There is a slim chance I can get them to a church this weekend but it is far away and late at night......

8.  Mrs. Miracle - How can you not love a grown up Dawson?


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