Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So Proud

Greg’s company is located in an office building that has at least 20 floors.  When we were visiting the day of the corporate holiday party, we noticed the building had a Toys For Tots bin set up in the lobby.  It was practically empty.
We have a soft spot for Toys For Tots. My brother is a Marine after all!  My girls were concerned that so few toys had been donated just days before Christmas.  I don’t know if the donations were scant, or if Toys For Tots had already arranged for a pick up and these toys were part of a second pick up.  Regardless, my girls wanted to do their part for both the Marines and children in need.

When we were running to Target to get some gifts for my nephew, Lilah asked if she could have her dog walking money.  Normally I would go into the typical Mom speech of “It is so close to Christmas....I don’t think you need to buy yourself something right now....don’t waste your money...blah...blah..blah.”  This time I just shut my mouth and handed her the $5.  
At Target she looked in the book section.  I assumed she was looking for the elusive last book in her Poison Apple Series.  She moved on.  She looked in the toy section.  Just as I was about to ask her what she was doing, she said she found what she was looking for -- a $5 Lego kit.  She informed me she was purchasing it so her Dad could bring it to work the next day and place it in the Toys For Tots bin.  Oh my, I was proud of my little girl.
She could not understand why I wanted to snap a picture commemorating this moment in her childhood, but I took it anyway!

She went home and told her sister what she had done.  Grace immediately went and got her money.  She chipped in $10 of her dog walking money.  Lilah took another $5 and they went with Greg after he got home from work to buy more.  
He brought the gifts and and sent the girls this message:

The drop off...
Dec 19 (9 days ago)
to me
Is done. So proud of you girls!
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Proud is exactly what we are of them.

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